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As reported widely in the last few days, from Times of India to The Guardian to Aljazeera and not so much in the USA…

Julian Assange has been living in exile since June 2012 – at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. The US continues to demand that Mr. Assange be extradited to Sweden on dubious allegations over sexual assaults there. The bottom line about those allegations is to get him moved to the US via Sweden and to hit him with every law the American judiciary can find against him for exposing thousands of classified documents.

On April 3, 2013 however, a window opened: a senior judge and chairman of the Supreme Court of Sweden, Stefan Lindskog spoke out bluntly at the University of Adelaide in Australia, stating that the sex allegations against Mr Assange are “a mess”.

Stefan Lindskog

Lindskog said, “Basically, I think there are some misunderstandings, especially when it comes to the issue of extradition…. Extradition shall not be granted when alleged crimes [are] military or political in nature.” He also mentioned that there are legal obstacles against attempts to extradite Mr. Assange from Sweden and further reiterated, “He’ll be thought of as a person who made public some pieces of classified information to the benefit of mankind. It should never be a crime to make known [a] crime of a state.”

What we are seeing here is a rare moment when intelligence, courage and conscience meet.


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