America Needs A Buddhafield

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Prem Geet lines out why a Buddhafield would help solve America’s many problems.

A gathering place dedicated entirely to self-realization, awareness and love, a Buddhafield offers the experience of a sacred alternative – meditation – to cultural habits of careless oppression and reckless expansion.

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America has its origins in breaking free from the oppressor, England. It then became the oppressor of the First People, Native Americans and Alaska Native tribes.

America is also about expansion at any cost. The early pioneers set their sights on the Western horizon full of dreams and promises, not unlike Eden. In the early 60s, we as a nation then set our sights on the Moon itself and went there, only to discard the mystery of the Moon as we had already “been there, done that.” In the 70s, with the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, we the people, in the name of oil, misappropriated the land, water, and hunting and fishing rights from approximately 300 tribes who had lived far north for thousands of years prior without roads, phones, booze, cash, or the Bible.

America’s unexamined oppressions and reckless expansions make a long list. This is why America needs a Buddhafield. Human beings must have protections for our inviolable connection to soul and nature. But in today’s world, we don’t have those protections. None of us do. This is why a Buddhafield is a solution to so many of our problems: It is a restorative sanctuary for the soul, a place that honors the spirit that animates us all, a spiritual community where consciousness can evolve in the true mirror of meditation.

As a deep habit, Americans want to go, explore, expand, see, conquer, and claim the mysterious Other. With a history of taking, the USA has tried to stuff its American Dream, a collective wound, with more, more, and more. Our macro condition is a government deficit in the trillions; our micro condition mirrors that with millions of Americans deeply in debt. Why? Because we wanted to take what was not ours to take and expand quickly without real, organic support. Credit somehow became a form of dirty magic that afforded matter without spirit, because we as a culture had never cultivated the spirit side, not deeply enough to touch life itself.

Billionaire genius investor Seth Klarman said it so beautifully of the 2008 financial meltdown: “When excesses such as lax lending standards become widespread and persist for some time, people are lulled into a false sense of security, creating an even more dangerous situation. In some cases, excesses migrate beyond regional or national borders, raising the ante for investors and governments. These excesses will eventually end, triggering a crisis at least in proportion to the degree of the excesses.”

The narcotic of spending in the USA has become a collective, self-forgetting sedative. We have to wake up financially as well as spiritually to realize “Zorba the Buddha,” as Osho described. This is another reason why America needs a Buddhafield, a sacred place to meditate and discover what really matters aside from dollars and a dream gone wrong. A Buddhafield offers the experience of a sacred alternative. A community of meditators can practice happiness itself as the means and not the end. A Buddhafield is an energy field at a certain place that is held in vibration by a spiritual Master, Osho, his long-time disciples and a group of seekers – and intention. A Buddhafield is where we come to accelerate our waking up, a place where we learn to take full responsibility for ourselves, our poetic light side and our own heart of darkness that is incredibly stealthy.

If you look around, you can see that social violence is worse than ever, that’s why we must take responsibility for the future now.

In his brilliant essay “Responsibility” Swami Satya Vedant (aka Dr. Vasant Joshi), writes: “All enlightened masters have made it clear: an individual has to take the responsibility for one’s evolution, health, and happiness – appa deepo bhava: be a light unto yourself, says Buddha. In our unconscious behaviour, we shift the responsibility to everyone but ourselves – it may be fate, Nature, family, society, parents or a friend. The moment one gathers courage enough to bring the focus onto oneself and looks within, a new beginning takes place in life and with that, one is on the path of self-transformation. It needs to be remembered that looking within is neither blaming nor condemning oneself; the purpose mainly is to own up to oneself.”

America needs a Buddhafield, a consecrated community in which we can own up to ourselves while being contained in a field of unconditional acceptance. This way, we can transcend duality and transform into pure being or essence.

America has focused on the what for a long time; as we evolve, we must focus on the how, to quote Satya Vedant once again: “Osho explains, one creates one’s essence every moment – how one lives, how one speaks, how one moves. Only an individual is responsible for creating essence, no one else. Giving essence, giving true meaning to life, is the greatest challenge and the uppermost responsibility.”

And the time has never been better for a Buddhafield to emerge in the USA. A Buddhafield is a place dedicated entirely to self-realization and awareness and love. Many of us don’t like what we have created in our lives, and the Buddhafield environment is the best way to undo mis-creations of any proportion. The work of consciousness will prune us back into something more natural, in accordance with the soul of Nature that we are. The real frontier, our inner landscape of paradise, is there for the “taking.” Osho’s meditations call us to turn in and journey uncharted territory like the early pioneers… Go! Explore! Expand! See! Conquer and Claim the mysterious, infinite and endless! This kind of expansion is purely life-affirming. We are not building a house of cards or castles made of sand. We are finding the rock, the ground of being, an unshakeable mountain of presence. It happens only through responsibility to the Self and to Life.

Eventually, a Buddhafield may even hatch an Awakened One or Two or Ten. Then America would have a chance at a real organic evolution from within. Only then could we know what Osho meant by a New Humanity, or as dazzling American genius and guitarist Carlos Santana said: “One day there will be no borders, no boundaries, no flags and no countries and the only passport will be the heart.”

As a freedom-loving American, I want to help restore my country to love, and the only way I know how to do this is to tell people about the planet’s most freedom-loving mystic, Osho. Over the past few years, thanks to the Osho centers and Osho’s well-traveled disciples, the spirit of Osho is naturally coming back into America with love, peace, celebration, exploration, dignity, and awareness. Scores of people are being drawn into self-realization and a simple life of love, joy and peace. It’s hard but we can take full response-ability for our ego strategies to kill love. Meditation works! Love works! It’s time to melt!

Text by Prem Geet

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