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Review by Sanghamitra

This Precious Moment by Aneesha and SubodhaThis CD is a beauty and is dedicated “to Osho, the man whose presence inspired these songs to flow spontaneously from the hearts of his lovers.” Aneesha and Subodha have teamed up to create an album of tunes that transport the listener out of the mass hypnosis of the world into a deep, pristine space. Abhinandan, the singer/songwriter said, “I drove along listening to the news about the collective trauma and then put in This Precious Moment. I could feel the difference in brain function. I went to a feeling of celebration. It’s not even the words; it’s the essence. The CD creates a movable feast.”

There are nine tunes by seven different well-known songwriters. More and more people are entering the world of sannyas, and they generally like Osho songs, but often cannot understand the words. Aneesha and Subodha have done a great job of singing the lyrics clearly, with authentic expression and with no discernible accent.

They chose works that they like to sing and harmonize on together. Along with Subodha’s band in Italy, they made the recording in a few days. Here’s a sampling of the titles: “Like Falling Leaves,” “Here With You,” and “This Precious Moment.” The album starts off with “Close to You,” which wholeheartedly introduces the rest of the songs. Aneesha’s and Subodha’s voices along with Miten’s songwriting create a strong devotional vibration. Ninad plays the keyboard, which is showcased in this first piece.

“From the Smallest Grassleaf” has some of the best harmonizing on the album and is a wonderful reminder that everything in is Buddha-nature and blissfulness. “Just One Look” is a favorite song of the people who participate in the Sufi dances that Aneesha leads from Russia to the Riccione Osho Festival in Italy. The music on “Endless Night” is not as melodic as it could be and the vocals could have been better, but Milarepa’s lines are refreshing with his reference to “The New Man.” The arrangement on “Like Falling Leaves” is very good, and the instrumental portions of “Depth of My Being” have a really contemporary sound.

It would have been helpful to have the lyrics be printed as part of the liner notes. Some of the songs are pure poetry. [We have remedied to that, see in Osho News on this page where you can read the lyrics and listen to the tracks at the same time.]

This offering with its new arrangements of beloved songs is a wonderful addition to the library of songs our inspired and that has been growing for decades. Every Osho center and anyone who wants to be wrapped in “Osho-space” should have a copy of this jewel.

Sanghamitra, previously published in Viha Connection


Listen to the samples and read the lyrics: Listen to ‘This Precious Moment’

Download from: devaaneesha.bandcamp.com

CD available in USA from Viha, in Italy from Oshoba


Aneesha has been a disciple of Osho since 1976, and has mostly worked as a therapist in his Multiversity, as well as teaching Pulsation neo-Reichian body work around the world. Singing has been a life-long love, from school choirs and folk music ‘hootenenannys’ to singing in Osho’s commune over many years. Music and Celebration are part of Aneesha’s healing milieu, and the ‘Osho songs’, which have been written and sung over many years, are among the most precious, and not to be forgotten. www.oshopulsation.com

Subodha (Roberto Scheibel) was born in Florence, Italy, began studying music at the age of 14 and met Osho in 1977. He is a singer, musician, and songwriter and has composed many songs for the master. A few of them became well known with the release of his first CD ‘Ocean of Joy’. He has been playing in Pune and in other sannyasin communes and centres.

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