Singing Plants at Damanhur

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Tucked away in the foothills of the Piedmont Alps in Northern Italy is Damanhur, an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values.

One if the many fascinating features and activities in this peaceful and spiritual ecovillage is a laboratory that studies plant vibrational energies. The laboratory is set up in the woods that offer a beautiful choir of singing trees. Since 1976, researchers at Damanhur have invented and developed equipment that can capture electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots, transforming them into actual sounds. Most amazingly, these trees seem to control their electrical responses via a feedback mechanism, and demonstrate a kind of awareness and preference for types of music. The singing plants and trees of Damanhur have sparked off such a worldwide fascination that people began organizing “Plant Concerts”, where musicians perform to the music created by the trees.

This video shows a beautiful demonstration of singing plants while one of Damanhur’s researchers explains the phenomenon.

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