Horoscope July 2013


Sitara says, this July is like a treasure trove!


Cancer and leo

Sun 9° Cancer – 9° Leo
Moon 19° Aries – 4° Gemini
Mercury, retrograde from 20th 22° – 19° Cancer
Venus 4° Leo – 11° Virgo
Mars 21° Gemini – 12° Cancer
Jupiter 1° – 8° Cancer
Saturn, retrograde, from 8th direct 5° Scorpio
Chiron, retrograde 14° – 13° Pisces
Uranus, retrograde from 18th 12° Aries
Neptune, retrograde 5° Pisces
Pluto, retrograde 10° Capricorn
North Node 15° – 13° Scorpio
Lilith 3° – 6° Cancer
Full Moon, 22nd 18:17h 0° Aquarius
New Moon 8th 7:15h 16° Cancer


Mood of the Moment

This July is like a treasure trove. In spite of being framed by a few challenging influences, it contains a brilliant highlight: Lilith, Mars, and Jupiter are converging in Cancer plus forming a beneficial trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This is the culmination point of a positive influence that has been with us since October bestowing us equally with roots and wings. At the same time, quite a similar influence sets in; it will see to it that our hopes and wishes will manifest according to our true values for another year. All of this revolves around Jupiter in Cancer, encouraging us to honor deep feelings and genuine needs. Thus, human warmth, acknowledgement and appreciation regain an appropriate place on our priority list.

Moreover, an unexpected strength will rise in us, coupled with great courage to go for our innermost concerns – even if God and the whole world should seem to thwart us. We fly high with (reasonable) optimism and a major vision; they give us the zest we need for bravely taking on any obstacles. Our male as well as our forceful female sides will enjoy a new lease of life. The real benefit of this finest hour will be that it enables us to combine the spiritual and ideal with our earthy, sensual, and emotional concerns harmoniously – instead dividing all these areas up. In this way, within ourselves, we too can heal again and become whole within ourselves.


AriesAries: Continuing high energy that you can activate in any direction you want. In the first half of the month, making decisions will be either difficult or charged with too much emotion. This leads to hasty actions and dissatisfaction with the result. From the second week of July, things will start flowing, partly owing to the fact that you now manage to integrate your feelings, paying them neither too much nor too little attention, and trusting that you are doing the right thing. Warning: By the end of July, the short circuit danger will increase again.


TaurusTaurus: The first half of July will be a little rough. Trust your imagination and experiment with unusual solutions. Also, pay attention to your independence and don’t confuse dependence with love. The last third of the month offers you firm ground, even if you may sometimes think you are drowning. Trust, and take on everything that needs doing without getting lost in wishful thinking. What will help is meditation or being in nature, especially if they are integrated into everyday life and work.


GeminiGemini: Now it’s about clarification. Scrutinise your life for areas where feelings tend to blur your vision too much, and actively start to distinguish between wishful thinking and reality. Also, misunderstandings have cropped up in your relationships with people near and distant. These misunderstandings won’t go away by themselves. Address them and find realistic solutions that relate to the actual situation. Expectations as well as disappointments will have to be laid on the line – so that everybody concerned can feel on safe ground again.


CancerCancer: At the beginning and end of July it’s about facing facts – acting vigorously and free, but with circumspection. This requires alertness and maturity. In the second week of July you can sharpen your insight: this will help you to stand above it all and to have the reins more firmly in your hands. Your highlight comes in the second half of July, when Mars, Jupiter, Lilith, Neptune, and Saturn all conspire to reward you with strength and trust, independence and equanimity – and give you grounding on top of it.


LeoLeo: July begins and ends with Saturn – its obstacles and hold ups. At first, it’s about relationships. If you cannot accept facts or must always prove that you are right, things will be difficult. Key words for the first half of the month are ‘humbleness’, but also ‘love of experimentation’. Try out new ways with an open, unbiased attitude. Look for a balance between emotional sharing and mental debate. Both are important now and bear fruit.


VirgoVirgo: Approach things analytically; and, while analysing the situation, ban personal likes and dislikes – without ignoring your own feelings or those of others. Considering your clarity and your centeredness, you will be good at it. In the last third of the month, the energy will slip more into the heart. Beware of losing your clarity, by making sure that it, too, comes from your heart. This is a walk on the tight rope at times. But trust Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto to supply you with impartiality, positivity and depth.


LibraLibra: In the first half of July you tend to give in to complicated dependencies – or even installing them. Move with freedom instead of backtracking to old tight limitations: they promise security but come to nothing and only make you unhappy. The last third of the month is about details. Concepts must be x-rayed meticulously. Recognise phony solutions or wishful dreams and leave them behind. Only then – and by no means earlier – better possibilities open.


ScorpioScorpio: A tense situation is showing you that things can’t go on like they do. From now on, Saturn demands concrete steps, positions or incipient solutions. Plan everything long-term, but make use of the extremely positive energy of the second half of July when you are being supported by expansive, dynamic, and inspiring forces (Saturn’s influence notwithstanding). By the end of the month, be alert: let your actions be neither too narrow and anxious, nor too manipulative and overbearing – and all your heart concerns will reach an optimal conclusion.


SagittariusSagittarius: Now begins a substantial positive stabilisation. Seeming contradictions will unite, as this is a time of profound fulfillment – spiritually as well as materially and in your relationships. Jupiter in Cancer invites you to look for what’s greater, higher, and broader in relating emotionally. Have a good time, indulge your senses, enjoy intimacy and togetherness and retain your independence. With Lilith-Mars-Jupiter, all enterprises are under a lucky star. You can dare new things and envisage far-away horizons.


CapricornCapricorn: The first week will bring a few difficult processes to a close, but then Saturn turns and everything gets easier again. You, too, will benefit from the big trine of the second half of July. On the one hand, now starts a process that will expand your life step by step, while on the other hand, you will be given a true taste of all the expansive and dynamic possibilities still dormant in you. By the end of July, this will also manifest in affairs of the heart, and your relationships will gain stability and depth.


AquariusAquarius: On the whole, you will fare better by listening to the voice of your heart rather than figuring out how to achieve your aims most effectively. The focus is on relationships as your energy for some months now is turning more within. Changes are rather going to happen inwardly, as part of an inner reorientation that is only just beginning. Ultimately, you are learning to become more productive in a more active and energetic way so as to successfully actualise your creative ideas.


PiscesPisces: For you, too, it is plain sailing on top of July’s energy wave. In your relationships, however, a few finer corrections are still needed, before the positivity can manifest exhaustively. In this respect it is mainly about more realism and less wishful thinking. In all other areas it is harvesting time and you are being showered with gifts. Allow yourself to be borne, trust your desires and, by taking definite steps, make sure they are being fulfilled. Although there is no guarantee that it works – do it for your own sake.




Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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