Fall in Love with the Transcendental

Darshans Sannyas darshans

Paraprem took sannyas on August 1, 1978.

Para means ‘of the beyond, transcendental’; prem means love – love of the beyond, love for the transcendental.

Man is not confined to the body, neither is man confined to the mind. That’s the beauty and the grandeur. In the innermost core, something exists in man which is transcendental, which is infinite, which has no beginning and no end, which is the eternal flow of life. To become too attached to the body, to the mind and to the things of the body and the mind, is to be lost in the mundane. To remember the transcendental – to remember ‘I am in the body but not the body, I am in the mind but not the mind’ – is the beginning of a great transformation. It takes you farther and farther away from things; and the farther away you are from things, the closer you are to the essence. The farther away you are from the mundane, the closer you are to the sacred; and only with the sacred does joy arise. It is a by-product, joy is a by-product.

Osho darshan

When one remembers one’s sacredness, one’s infinity, joy wells up. When one thinks oneself limited by a thousand and one limitations, misery arises, because a limitation is a kind of confinement; it is a prison. How can one be happy in such a small body? How can one be happy in such a petty mind? It is impossible. They don’t allow you space to dance, to sing, to celebrate. One is cluttered, one is like a junkyard. One needs the vast sky. In that vastness is freedom. In that freedom is joy.

Fall in love with the transcendental… search for it. And I call it ‘falling in love’ because the search has to be through the heart and not through the mind. If you search through the mind, you will never go beyond the mind. The mind is very jealous – it won’t allow you to surpass it; it is very possessive. The mind is the gaoler, it guards the gate. It won’t allow you to go beyond the limits. You can function within the limits – it gives you all freedom within the limits – but don’t step outside; that is not allowed. The heart is not a prison, it is an opening; it is a door, not a wall. Hence I say ‘Fall in love with the beyond’… and only the search for the beyond makes a man truly a man.

Friedrich Nietzsche has said ‘That day will be the most unfortunate when man stops surpassing himself.’ When the arrow of human consciousness does not have anything like a target beyond itself, that day will be the most unfortunate. But that day will never come, it cannot come – the urge is built in. Man is man only because of the desire to surpass himself… that very desire is his humanness. Animals have no desire to transcend themselves. A dog is perfectly happy being a dog. He does not want to become a god, he does not want to become anything else. A rose is perfectly happy being a rose.

It is the privilege, the prerogative, only of man – his agony and his ecstasy – that he wants to reach beyond, he wants to go above himself, he wants to do the impossible. That’s his specific adventure. That adventure makes him human. He has to live in this search, as this search.

Osho, Hallelujah, Ch 1

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