Three Polacks…


…are standing outside a brothel discussing what prices they are willing to pay for the services inside.

They decide that one of them should go inside first while the other two wait outside.

Half an hour later, the one who went inside comes out with a gleaming smile across his face.

“What happened? What was it like?” his friends ask.

“Well, I paid five zlotys, went into a room and this tall sexy woman was waiting for me. She took my clothes off, put two pineapple rings over my prick and proceeded to slowly eat them off. It was great!”

The second Polack, pleased with his friend’s report, goes inside. An hour later he comes out, a big Cheshire cat grin on his face.

“What happened?” asked the other two.

“Well I paid ten zlotys, and it was the same as our first friend. But this time she put four pineapple rings over my cock and ate them off very very slowly.”

The third Polack, by this time very horny, rushes in to the brothel and comes out fifteen minutes later with a long, sad face.

“Well,” ask his friends, “what’s wrong? What happened?”

“Well,” begins the sad Polack, “it started off great. I paid twenty zlotys and she put six rings of pineapple over my cock, plus a big scoop of whipped cream.”

“Wow!” the friends exclaim.

“That’s not all,” continues the third, “a handful of crushed nuts, a sugar wafer, hot chocolate sauce, and topped off with a beautiful red cherry.”

“That sounds great,” one of the others said. “What could possibly make you so sad then?”

“Well, it looked so fucking good, I ate it myself!”

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