Anand Vedant


…left his body on 12th October 2013 in Pune.

From Jagdish Bharti we hear that Vedant had been admitted to hospital a few days back after he had suffered a massive heart attack. His family came from Mumbai to take his body with them for they wish to cremate him according to their own tradition. He was a very dedicated sannyasin and had been connected to the commune for many many years.

Most of us will remember him running the Post Office in the Resort – and it was always a pleasure not only to get the letters but also to be greeted by his smile.

Anand Vedant


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I have not gazed into your eyes for almost 10 years, but I remember you so well, your acceptance, your love, your presence and simplicity. You are missed! And loved! Fly high, old friend!

Thank you Vedant! I will never forget your smile. I miss you!
Prem Chintano from Japan

Vedant was one of those many long time meditating sannyasins that I knew but never had much contact with other than seeing each other around. We shared a beautiful almost entirely unspoken connection. We would simply give each other an acknowledging nod on seeing each other again in the Chuang Tzu Samadhi… which we both went to endlessly and which was an endless delight until I stopped going a couple of years ago… and now he has too. Such a beautiful and devoted man.

I feel Vedant was disappearing slowly the last years. Hugging him time after time he felt more tiny, more fragile but his compassion and presence were steady, even growing. I will miss the talks with him about the news, politics, economy and meditation. And I will miss this immense friendliness whenever we met.
Anand Gogo

Vedant, I will miss you. Have a good journey!

Every time I came to Pune, I was warmly welcomed by my dear friend Vedant. It was a pleasure to be with him, his soft, friendly energy, his wisdom and love. I always got a little present when I left Pune again, as a remembrance of our friendship. I was aware of his leaving his body, since I had to think of him at that time. Dear friend, you have been a joy to my heart and being. Light and Love to you.

Beloved Vedant, I remember hugging you last on July 10th and I felt your smile was not as usual: how could it be? Were you already quietly moving to the other shore? How much I enjoyed remembering common old friends with you. I still hear you complaining about Teertha talking only by small sentences and never explaining what he meant. My heart is paining. Happy journey, beloved Vedant!

Vedant, whom we fondly called dada is missed! I am part of his family. I am his younger brother’s daughter. Inspite of the fact that we wished he could stay with us, knowing his love for the world of Osho, we were happy in our hearts that he was happy. His simplicity, knowledge, calm nature and a friendly smile stays in our hearts forever. Fortunate to have spent time with him during his last few moments which will never be erased from my memory. Will always and forever remember you, dada. Love you lots,
Anuja Shah

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