A White Aura is the Best Aura


The second question – it is from Hareesh:
A white and small aura is visible just over your head. Why is not a coloured one visible?

It is a coloured one – but all the colours are there, hence it looks white. White is not colourless. White is the presence of all the colours together. White is the most colourful thing in the world – hence it looks white.

When a white ray passes through a prism it divides into seven colours. That’s how a rainbow is created in the rainy season. Small particles of water hanging in the air function as prisms. White rays of sun enter through those hanging particles of water and are divided into seven colours. If you mix all the colours in the right proportions, you will create white. White is all the colours together.


I am not a Buddhist, I am not a Hindu, I am not a Christian, I am not a Jain, I am not a Mohammedan – and I am all. All colours together! Hence white is created. A white aura is the greatest possibility.

People have different auras: somebody has a black aura – black is the lowest possibility. Black is the absence of all colours. Hence, in all the mythologies we paint the Devil as black – that is the aura – we paint the Devil as black. Even Negroes paint the Devil as black; they should paint the Devil as white, but they paint the Devil as black.

Black means the absence of all colours – absence of everything. Black is negative. Black is just nihilistic. Black means simply negativity. Black is death. That’s why death is also painted black. And when you mourn for a person, you use black dress. White is the opposite polarity of black: black is the absence of all colours; white is the presence of all colours. White is an invisible rainbow.

Go on watching your own face in the mirror. Next time you stand before your mirror, don’t be bothered too much with your physiological shape – try to see the aura. In the beginning it will not be visible, but if you go on working, within three months you will be able to see a subtle aura surrounding your face in the mirror. And that will be greatly indicative and helpful for your growth, because it will show the colour where you are. If it is black, then much has to be done. If it is grey, then you are just in the middle of your growth; half the journey is over, half has yet to be travelled.

You ask: “Why is not a coloured one visible?” – because all the colours are there it cannot be a coloured one. A coloured one means simply one colour. And you will be surprised: if you ask the physicists, who know colour well, what it is, you will be surprised. If you are using a red dress, that simply means the red colour is reflected back, is given back to the world. Your dress absorbs all other colours; only the red colour it doesn’t absorb but reflects back, shares with the existence, it gives it back. It renounces red – that’s why it is red.

This seems paradoxical: red dress is not red! It renounces red; that’s why it looks red – people looking at you see it red because the red ray is going back and falls on their eyes and they see it as red. A black dress absorbs all; it doesn’t give back anything. It simply absorbs all – the black is miserly, it doesn’t share. It is a sort of spiritual constipation. It simply takes in and never gives out.

White simply reflects everything back, gives everything back. Hence, in India white became the colour of renunciation. White means nothing is absorbed; all the rays are returned back to the existence – with thanks, with gratitude. When all the rays fall on your eyes, it looks white. When one ray falls on your eye – red, blue, green – then it is colourful.

A white aura is the best aura. And I would like to tell Hareesh… he is a very sensitive man; a new sannyasin in a way, but a very ancient one in another. I have known him before – and he also knows this. May not be very conscious about it, but he feels it somewhere. He is a very sensitive man, an infinitely sensitive man. That’s why he has been able to see the aura. If he tries a little, soon he will be able to see his own aura. And if he tries a little more, he can become an aura expert, he can see anybody’s aura. And it is going to be helpful in his work. He is a psychotherapist. It will be of tremendous help to him.

In the East, masters have used it as a psychoanalytic device. When a person comes to a master, the first thing to see is his aura – because that will decide everything. He starts analyzing his aura because that is very indicative. That shows about the deepest layers of his mind, conscious and unconscious both.

There are people who come to me sometimes who say they don’t want to take sannyas, and in their aura I see that they are ready. Just the other day, Prasthan’s ex-wife was here. I see she is ready, but she says she has to think about it. Her aura is crystal-clear. She is finished with the world! – but is unconscious about it. I told her, “For me you have become a sannyasin – for yourself you can take a little time to think.” There are people who want to become sannyasins, and I even initiate them, but I see their aura is still too much involved in the world, too much of the world. I hope for them. Their desire is good, but their preparation is none.

People are not aware of their auras, otherwise they would be able to self-analyze themselves. Hareesh can attain to this capacity very easily.

Osho, A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Ch 4, Q 2

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