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It appears the concept and practice of meditation is becoming more and more mainstream in the western world.

Sanette Tanaka reports in the Wall Street Journal on 10.10.2013, “More high-end homes are getting spiritual spaces for meditation, prayer – and the occasional cocktail party.”

Credit: Yankee Barn Homes
Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

Yearning for a place to unplug, meditate and pray, some people are transforming parts of their homes into houses of worship.

These latest spiritual spaces are no longer relegated to a single altar in the corner of the room. Homeowners are creating meditation gardens, yoga and tai chi studios and private chapels. Rather than tacking these spaces on as afterthoughts, architects and builders are incorporating them into home plans from the start.

An example: Tony Hanslin of Grantham, N.H., built a 225-square-foot Asian-inspired tea house three years ago. The space features sliding doors and a mahogany floor, and is surrounded by Japanese gardens, a stream and a dry pond consisting of natural-colored pebbles. Mr. Hanslin, who spent about $400,000 on the tea house and landscaping, says he goes there for one or two hours nearly every day.

“It’s very sparsely furnished so there’s room to meditate, teach tai chi and do tai chi, and have the occasional cocktail party,” says Mr. Hanslin, a former builder who is 70 years old.

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