Very Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse

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On Sunday, November 3, 2013, people in several parts of the world will be able to experience a very rare solar eclipse.

It is called a hybrid eclipse because it is both a total and an annular eclipse and will be visible to those living in far-eastern North America, the Caribbean, in northern part of South America, southern Greenland, the Atlantic Ocean, in southern Europe, Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East.

Partial eclipse Varanasi
Partial sun eclipse at Varanasi, March 19, 2007

Sean Breslin of The Weather Channel explained that out of the approximately 12,000 solar eclipses that have been recorded since 1999 BC, less than five percent have been hybrid eclipses.

Make sure to protect your eyes properly when viewing the eclipse and read more about the event and the areas where it will be visible on Earth/Sky.


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