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A letter from Nirguna from the new art gallery in Miami.

Jakmel Art Gallery

As you probably know, I have been living in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan for many years. Anando and I had the Atitlan Arts Retreat which was featured in Osho News under the title Atitlan ArteVista: a creative art retreat. Anando sold his property and so I decided to take a share in an art gallery in Wynwood, the progressive art district of Miami, to promote the art from Atitlan.

We have a huge art walk every second Saturday of the month. At one of them I was talking to a client about a chakra painting I had made and he commented, “This reminds me of something I am reading right now by Osho,” and he proceeded to relate to me the exact question I had asked which Osho answered in the Pythagoras series – without him knowing that he was standing in front of the person who had posed that question! The master’s presence… I know this gallery will flow. It’s a call for artists!

The biggest art show in the western world is Art Basel Miami which is held between December 5 and 8 and is followed by the December Art Walk on the 12th. I have an art show that I will put up and this will mean great exposure. So this is a call to artists who might want some wall space in December.

From January I will be opening the gallery as an Arts Co-op / Club for promotion and display.

To reach me write to devanirguna@yahoo.com

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