Peep Peep Dont Sleep

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Engaging book by travel writer and photographer Ajay Jain.

Peep Peep, Don't SleepTravelling in India, quite often one comes across the very endearing road signs that are truly in a different league as compared to any signs that are installed in say, Europe or America. These signs tell of eccentric minds, or a wicked sense of humour, or something was simply lost in translation! I find it heartening that they are permitted to be placed at random, mainly in the Indian Himalayas, in the states of Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. They are absolutely attention catching and unique and also often simply painted colourfully on the rocks rising above the roadside!

As quoted in The Daily Mail recently, Ajay said, “These signs are naturally a source of amusement, so collecting these during my travels became a kind of a fun project. I never miss on clicking a sign when I see one…. I also wanted to preserve these signs for posterity. These often disappear after a while, when new ones appear. So the book has also served as an archive for signs we may never see again.”

Ajay Jain TN43 year-old Ajay Jain has been interested in photography since childhood. He works as a writer and photographer based in New Delhi, and is presently working on a follow-up book that might already be released next year.

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