From the web: Lifestyles & Travel — 06 December 2013

105 year-old Edythe Kirchmeier oldest Facebook user.

Age creeps up on every living thing and there’s a huge all-out strive going on for humans to stay ‘young’, which ranges from pampering the skin with serums and lotions (and some nip and tuck) to vitamins, to exercising – mentally and physically; yoga and meditation have become a must for many. Also, a positive outlook and committed activities make a lot of difference to feeling fit and joyful, as compared to stereotype resignation with little more interest than soap operas on TV, the latest gossip and exchanging information about physical ailments.

In the last few years we come across more and more really active old people who remain young within and alert, and continue to contribute to society at large. Latest estimates in the UK show for example that there will be 111,000 centenarians by 2037; in 2012 the count showed 13,000.

We have heard about an admirable centenarian – Edythe Kirchmaier of Santa Barbara, California, who is 105 years old. Her husband died about ten years ago after almost 70 years of marriage, yet although she says she does miss him, she lives a joyful and fully active energetic life. For the last 40 years or so to this day she has been working as a volunteer with her favourite charity, Direct Relief, and continues to drive her new car which was recently gifted to her by an anonymous donor.

Furthermore, for the last ten years she’s been using a computer her children gave her and is an active Facebook user, with more than 41,000 friends! When she celebrated her 105th birthday Edythe Kirchmaier used the occasion to raise awareness about Direct Relief on her Facebook page.

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Edythe is keen on leaving the world in better shape that she found it. A truly inspiring lady with a lovely sense of humour and an infectious smile.

Credit to Tao