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Osho News had several inquiries lately about the ongoing court cases with regard to the alleged will of Osho, and the alleged copyrights and trademarks of Osho’s words.

Osho TM


As those matters are rather complex and cannot be explained in a nutshell, we are listing below three websites where detailed information is available on the past and present court cases:


www.oshofriendsinternational.com (Osho Friends International)

What is a trademark? / Osho as a Trademark
About Copyrights / History of Copyright / Claims for Osho’s Work
Claims and Facts

www.osho.de (Osho Germany)

The Alleged Last Will of Osho
European Trademark Case Osho

oshowork.org (Osho Work)

Court Case Updates


Many Osho centres and Osho institutes, as well as individual sannyasins, are writing via e-mail to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi to appeal for attention and follow up on the case of the forged will.

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