Suspended Cop Trades Khakhi for Osho Colours

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by Mubarak Ansari, published on January 20, 2014

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Shrikant Navle, earlier pulled up by the department for taking a foreign trip without informing his superiors, has turned to the commune. He now spends 10 hrs in meditation.

Navle with fellow-Osho-ite
PI Navle (R) with a fellow Osho-ite

Lives of gritty men cleaning up a city’s underbelly of crime, who eventually give it up for a quieter ascetic life, is fodder for fiction.

On Sunday, this reporter was treated to a leaf out of an unwritten book when he bumped into Police Inspector (Crime) Shrikant Navle of Kothrud police station, suspended on January 9 for holidaying abroad to ring in the New Year allegedly without informing his superiors, at the Osho International Meditation Resort, dressed in maroon.

Since his suspension, Navle has turned to the salubrious environs of the commune, to calm his nerves.

According to sources, Navle, suspended for an indefinite period, engages in 10 hours of meditation daily at the ashram, and plans to continue doing the same till his suspension is revoked.

As he strolled down Lane No 1, Koregaon Park, with a fellow ashram-ite, he said: “I am at peace with myself, living the life of an ascetic. I can sense subtle changes in the way I view life already.”

According to friends, Navle is much calmer now

Navle’s friends and colleagues at Kothrud police station however are privy to his leaning towards Osho Rajneesh’s teachings. He was often known to have shared learnings from the spiritual guru’s books and lectures he came across in the past.

He also had a large portrait of the guru prominently on one of the walls in his office. An old friend of Navle said, “I have seen him poring over titles such as Sadhana Path and Main Mrityu Sikhata Hun in the past.

I met him recently and found a change in his behavioural pattern; he is a lot calmer.” “At the Osho Ashram, there are various meditation courses and he is engaged in both sitting meditation and active meditations. He spends about 10 hours at the ashram daily,” said an officer.

Another source from the police station added that he is taking a break from his hectic schedule by giving himself up to a time for quiet introspection. “He plans to continue with this routine till his suspension is revoked,” he added.

Navle was posted at the Kothrud police station as the second PI and handled important portfolios – the case of four missing advertising professionals last year was one such.

According to police officials, Navle was on-duty at the police station till December 20, 2013. On December 21, he went on leave, filing a ‘sick report’, only to go abroad with his family to ring in the New Year. Seniors got wind of it, and found his phone switched off when they tried to establish contact.

On January 7, Navle reported for work following which Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol ordered an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) rank officer to conduct an enquiry into the matter. From his passport details, the ACP found that Navle had visited Sri Lanka and Maldives between December 22 and January 2 and accordingly submitted a report.

“Navle had filed a false sick report in order to get leave between December 21, 2013, and January 6, 2014. The Police Commissioner held Navle guilty for this act and suspended him from January 9. As per rules, government officials have to take prior permission before they go abroad, a rule that Navle ducked,” said a senior police officer.

Navle has been suspended for an indefinite period, but till there is a resolution on the case, it’s time for soul food.

►►► Navle has been a follower of Osho’s teachings. He plans to continue with his routine till his suspension is revoked.

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