Voyages — 16 February 2014

…left her body on 11th February 2014.

Prashanta was born in Germany and took sannyas in Pune 1. Some remember her from the time she
was part of the Osho commune in Zurich (apparently she even spoke Swiss-German!).

After falling in love with a Canadian she moved to Kelowna, Canada, where they lived together for 20 years. With her partner Grant she started a helicopter business which took people into the mountains of British Columbia for sports and also did rescue services and fire fighting.

Prashanta loved sports and always said how exciting it was to be dropped off on untouched mountains and then ski downhill. She participated in the Path of Love in Cologne in 2011 and later came to the Path of Love retreat in Corfu (group photo in slideshow below). She was about to separate from Grant and planned to come back to Europe.

Prashanta with laptop
Prashanta an der Saeule der Toleranz
Prashanta in Corfu

She had melanoma cancer and, in search for healing, she travelled to Costa Rica and then to Peru, where she died. We hear that she left her body in great peace. Her former partner Grant died two weeks before her.

Her body was cremated on 14th February and her ashes will be spread in the Amazon river. Everybody who knew her are missing her and friends are organising a daily meditation period with excerpts from the Bardo, and/or do Atisha´s Meditation, to accompany her soul.

You are tired, friend.
Your body aches to rest.
Give in.
You have wanted to fall apart for so long.
To let go of your defences.
To be transparent and authentic.

Your cynicism has protected you.
Your fear has served you well.
Your dreams of enlightenment were beautiful dreams.
But there is no need to hold your ‘self’ together any longer.

Or simply stop pretending that you don’t know ‘how’.
The vastness will hold you.
Only illusions can disappear.

The deeper the heart breaks
The more love it can hold.

Don’t tell me you are not worthy.
Don’t tell me you are not made of stars.

(source unknown)


Info and photos thanks to Veetman, Samai and Parna


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Menlha, a close friend of Prashanta, who was with her during the process, wrote:

Prashanta had had a tinanium rod in her femur for almost 20 years, which was probably the cause of her recurring cancer. In January, after a period of strict diet in Costa Rica, she received a lot of healing from shamans in Iquitos, Peru, she also went through intense pain, but got better. When she decided to have the rod removed, we returned to Costa Rica.

On the way back she found out that her former partner had just died from cancer (they had separated some years before but still shared their dream house on Lake Kelowna). She was in a shock, and at this point things changed. She was temporarily blind, and asked “Am I dying?” Obviously she was hardly there anymore. She was brought to a clinic and sometimes lost her memory. She experienced extreme pain, since the tumor had spread into the spine and the brain. She became weaker and weaker and sometimes said: “I can´t do this!” It looked like the elements in her system dissolved fast, respiration failed, and she passed away at 12:40 on 12th February.

A shaman that she had asked to be with her stayed with her, held her hand, and walked her through the door…. She had wanted to be cremated there, and had also requested to give some time for the spirit to leave. With her body in an open casket, family and friends and neighbours came and said prayers for her. When only a few close people were left after that ceremony, a butterfly flew around (at night, which is impossible). She had told someone before she left that she felt like being in a cocoon turning into a caterpillar, and she looked forward to become a butterfly. The little son of the healer said: “She turned into a butterfly.” The next day the casket was taken to the crematorium where a special mass was held for her, and the body was cremated. About two hours later a bird came into the window of the waiting room, and we knew that the process was complete.

With the wooden urn, friends, healers and I went out to the place where the Nanay River and the Amazonas meet, and where the pink dolphins play. We saw two gray dolphins and put the ashes into the river, with our prayers, and after this was finished, we saw another dolphin jump.


We think of her lovingly and include her soul´s journey in our meditations. All is well for Prashanta. She lived her life, did her spiritual work with Osho and other teachers to the best of her capacity, and returned into the ground of being when it was her time to go back home.
Veetman and Sukhi

I am a friend of Prashanta’s who also lives in Kelowna and spent many memorable times with her here. She was very generous and friendly towards me and the only other sannyasin I knew in this town. It was wonderful having her around. I will miss her physical presence here a great deal. When I try to get a sense of her and to get a sense of how she would like me to celebrate the end of her life, I often see her smiling face and dancing body. She seems to be wanting me to dance and play with her… to celebrate! I feel a great peace and joy and sometimes see a green field under a very clear blue sunny sky with a tree in the middle of the field (something like the pastures of Austria). The butterfly (that I heard of through a mutual friend) often appears in this vision and settles close by as if to gently share its lightness, freedom, and playful spirit. I also get a sense of her calm (and perhaps slight annoyance) when my sadness takes over. How much of this is my own projection and how much is more deeply shared, I do not know but I knew her as a meditator and it fits with my understanding of our shared connection with Osho and with my experience of her. I hope I will have the strength to honour this spirit for her (and me) as much as possible as her local friends arrange to meet and celebrate her life. Thank you Prashanta, Thank you! for all you did and continue to do for me. Love, your friend,

Prashanta, such a sweet woman…. I am so grateful to have known her….Fly high, Dear one….

We had many years of friendship and traveling the path, parallels, inquiring and understanding together. Time passing, sharing joys and sorrows and nothingness. The beach, your doggie Bozo, your partner Grant, your sannyas stories! Dearest Prashi-Ulie so playful and dear, lover of nature, plants, fine wine and laughter; Osho and the search. Giving and generous all-ways. Thinking of you each day, loving you each day. Thank you for your being. Smiling and laughing with you, crying and silent with you. Love and hugs,