Extreme is the New Normal

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As our grandmothers used to say, “The weather isn’t what it used to be …”

Over the last few weeks we have seen footage and read reports about incredible extreme weather globally. Temperatures dropped to unusual lows in particular in the USA with record-breaking snowfalls covering many areas, while California is dealing with extreme water shortage. In Australia the temperatures soared to sizzling heights, causing raging out-of-control bushfires. Snow blizzards in the Balkans buried houses and disrupted power lines. Storms unleashed themselves over the UK and several European countries, and gigantic waves hit the coasts; severe flooding has covered huge tracts of land, even in Burundi, Africa. Particularly in Asia there has been more flooding, landslides, flurries of earthquakes, and major volcanic eruptions – the most recent one on the island of Java in Indonesia, forcing the evacuation of 200,000 people. Meanwhile, Japan experienced two heavy snowfalls within the last week, causing extensive disruptions to all public transport.

In addition, rather puzzling occurrences were reported lately, such as green fireballs in the sky, whale strandings, more and more sinkholes opening up, swallowing cars and even houses, cyclones in the Pacific, and mystifying loud booms in the USA.

This video gives a brief overview but necessarily has no answers. We don’t know where we will go from here but for sure a good place would be to go within.

A reporter asked Osho,

I can thoroughly accept and see your reasoning about the nuclear threat and the inevitability of a holocaust, but did you not also say that you thought there would be cataclysmic events – I think you said in California, particularly, and elsewhere – of the kind associated with nature, geography: catastrophes, floods, earthquakes? How do you know this?

That too is not a vision. I am not a visionary. That too is part of my reasoning. For example, in my childhood in India, the seasons were absolutely fixed. On a certain day every year for thousands of years the summer has begun, on a certain day the rains have come – it was absolutely fixed, there was no question of change. But after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that changed. Now in India the weather is no more certain. Something great has happened in the atmosphere.

And these explosions go on. They go on trying in the oceans, at the poles, and if these explosions go on, there is a possibility that the eternal snow of the Himalayas may start melting down. Even if the Himalayas alone melt down, all the oceans will be raised fifty feet. And that is only the Himalayas – if the North Pole and South Pole also join together, and other small mountains follow, which is natural, then cities like Bombay, Calcutta, Karachi, New York, San Francisco, poor Portland – all will be gone.

Osho, The Last Testament Vol. 1, Ch 15 (excerpt)

Text by Bhagawati

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