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Don’t miss it! The dates are: April 10 to 13, 2014

Join the biggest Osho event in Europe!


After going through the photographs to create this slideshow, we believe every single word the organisers of the Festival told us, including the enthusiastic feed-back from the participants of last year’s Festival, which reads:

“Osho Festival is like a huge spaceship taking off in the sky of Osho’s vision.”
“A celebration of life at its best…”
“It’s like the old times in Pune.”
“A journey inside myself… I’ll bring home so many beautiful things.”
“A lot of friends around, a lot of silence within.”

“Yes, a miracle happens every year: it feels like an immense hug of joy, meditation, playfulness and friendliness that surrounds hundreds of people for full four days,” says Sahaja from Oshoba.

Oshoba started organising events way back in year 2000 (they now have 14 years of experience!), and since then, each year, their spring festival has been growing, reaching up to more than 1000 enthusiastic participants streaming in from all over Italy, but also from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and the rest of Europe. (Most events are in English – with Italian translation – but for events held in Italian there will be one-to-one translators available.)

Bellaria, where the festival moved to last year from close-by Riccione, is also on the East Coast of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. The venue is a conference center that has three huge halls, big enough to cover more than 50 events and meditations and to accommodate the hundreds of participants.

The unmatched wealth of events – more than 50 in these four days – the Festival is a real ‘concentrate’. The programme is led by experienced international therapists and allows the participants to rediscover their heart, senses and treasures of our inner world!

“New this year we will have a real Meditation Camp. But this is not the only ‘first’,” writes Sahaja. “For the first time we have Radha who will facilitate Tantra events. Radha came to Pune in the early 70s. She is one of the first Italian sannyasins and is also the first person Osho chose to be a medium for him to work on people during the evening darshans. Then we have Tarika Lovegarden, daughter of Leela and Prasad, who was raised in the ‘world of Osho’. She will introduce a meditation that she has created.”

“We are happy to have again Videha, after a few years’ absence, with his Zikhr Sufi and other techniques. Also returning is Devapath with his breath work. Leela will offer, among other events, a new workshop on the Fifth Chakra, while Upadhi will introduce a new technique, Memory Access. Siddho will be with us with workshops on relating and inner male/female, Anurag with Family Constellation, Leela addressing friendship and creativity and Shunyata with awareness techniques for the body through dance. And then Marco and his music, guided relaxations with Chetana. And then we will have the largest AUM meditation in the world, facilitated by Somraj and Eshti. I also want to mention the participation of the School of Osho Divine Healing Arts and the music of Deva Paolo.

“And let’s not forget the invaluable contribution from Anando and Shunyo. They have been supporting our events since the very start and are giving the festivals the unmistakable flavour everybody can taste and which will linger on in everyone’s hearts well over the end of the Festival.”

And to top it all up – as if a top-up was necessary – there will also be a chance to try out more than twenty different techniques of individual treatments (mini-sessions and full-length sessions) and this at a nominal fee.

“We also appreciate the presence of the Italian Osho Meditation Centres so that they can link up with the participants of the festival and inform them about their ongoing programmes,” continues Sahaja.

Another beautiful feed-back we liked is: “Simply amazing! Each time I pick up so much energy to last me for a whole year. It stays with me until the next Festival,” to which Sahaja comments, “More and more people are discovering the OshoFestival as a key moment to recharge their batteries and to bring greater awareness and joy into their day-to-day lives.”

Maybe that’s what we need right now.

Texts and photos thanks to Sahaja, Marga and Akarmo

Info: www.oshoexperience.it
Hotels (special prices for Festival participants)

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