Humour — 03 April 2014

A court sentences a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Bosnian to 20 years solitary confinement.

All three defendants are warned that the doors of their cells won’t be opened for the duration of the sentence so they are to make a list of all the things they’ll need for two decades.

The Frenchman asks for nothing else but a twenty-year supply of cognac, the Englishman demands the same amount of whiskey and the Bosnian asks for twenty large boxes of rolling tobacco and papers.

Twenty years pass and the doors of the cells are being opened.

The Frenchman is dead of alcohol poisoning, ditto the Englishman.

They open the Bosnian’s cell and he bursts out with a roll-up, shouting, “Do you have a light?”


During the Bosnian war, a guy in Sarajevo gets out on a balcony to smoke a cigarette and sees one of his neighbours walking on the field with his wife; the wife is walking a few meters in front of the man.

The guy on the balcony shouts down, “And you call yourself a Muslim?! It says in the holy K’oran that you’re supposed to walk in front of your wife!”

The other guy replies, “That’s how it’s in K’oran, this is how it’s in the minefield.”

(black humor is much loved in Balkans, apparently)


from The Guardian comments