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A visual decoding of all types of on-trend shoes, published in Hindustan Times on April 29, 2014

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“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” said late legendary beauty Marilyn Monroe. So, get your best magnifying-glass mode on so you can be on top of your shoe game. From conventional slingbacks and your college-favourite Osho chappals to elegant D’orsay pumps and oxford flats – know what your shoe rack has, and what it needs. We also tell you how to pair your shoe stoppers so that you rule the path you tread, in style. Guys, there’s some for you too!


OPERA FLATS Slip-ons and rounded-toed. For men, theyfre characterised by the use of patent leather. Style it: Pair with smart, straight-fit trousers, a pinstriped shirt and a blazer with wide lapels.

OSHO SLIPPERS Originally believed to be created by the residents of Osho ashram in Pune, these have a straw look or jute-look texture with flip-flop style straps Style it: With a tie-dye midi skirt and a boho-chic tunic with a beaded collar.

CHELSEA BOOTS An ankle-length boot with an elastic strip on one side as the primary differentiator. Style it: With ombre stockings, a cute kilt-look skirt and a leather jacket to add a tough edge.

BROGUES Country-style look styled with tiny laser-cut small openings or perforations. Style it: Men, with their Jodhpuri pants and waistcoat, and women, with khakhi pants and a loose-fit pastel shirt.

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