I’m Beginning to Feel Old


Sadhvi reflects on age, the new ways of how people relate – and gratefulness.

I have not felt like sharing much in the last month or so… not on FB, not on Instagram, not on Google+, not on nothing. How about you? You don’t have to answer that, I was just being facetious.

Lately, I hear the word ‘awesome’ being used to describe just about every feeling, item of food, and life situation that one can experience. And the other day, I heard my first ‘Super-Awesome!’, which is how the women behind the counter described a tea-towel with hand-stamped chickens on it. I mean, it was nice, but it was not ‘Super-Awesome!’!

Maybe it’s the equivalent of the word ‘cool’ that we used to describe everything back in the day. There was not, however, so much positive and prozac-y emotion put into it, and frankly, it makes one feel uncomfortable.

If my generation was low-key, this one is high-strung and often, not there, but still ‘awesome’.

I am easily annoyed these days, and I think it has something to do with the fact that everything seems to be changing so much.

For instance, I used to enjoy being greeted by salespeople, and to start interacting with them in a fun, easy-going way. But no one does that these days. The new way to interact is through ‘social media’, which to me, is just another way for companies to sell gadgets, devices, and toys to the masses. That’s about all it is about, really.  We are just consumers in the end, playing ‘awesome’ games, and being hooked to our iPads, mini iPad’s, smartphones, and sharing everything we got via FB.

I guess I miss relating in the way that satisfied me way back when: in person, on the phone, or in a letter. Yeah, I am getting old.

I do talk to a lot of younger people, and I am always amused when I hear them say they are “getting off of the gadget thing,” or, “nah, I don’t do FaceBook anymore,” as if they are drugs, which of course, they are.

Despite all the changes and Grand-T conjunctions, and the U.N. saying that it’s either clean up the planet or die, well, I do take time to feel grateful for things in my life, as crazy as it feels to me.

If nothing else, it makes me feel more vulnerable and small and human. And since I don’t have to worry about going over my minutes, or recharging my device to feel that, I like it. In fact, it’s awesome.

Take a look at the video… try it, you’ll like it.

SadhviSadhvi took sannyas in 1980, spent the best time of her life at the Ranch in Oregon as a bus driver and in the accounts department. She lives with Sakshi in Asheville, NC, works in real estate, and can be found in her garden when she can get there. She also maintains a blog, ‘OOPS50!

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