Humour — 18 May 2014

Little Tommy went to school looking all stressed out and upset. In his school bag he brought his cat along.

Teacher asks Tommy, “Why have you brought your cat to school?”

Tommy looks up with a tear in his eyes and with quivering lips cries, “I’m saving his life! Before I came to school I heard my daddy say to my mummy, ‘I  will eat that pussy when the kids are at school!'”


Teacher: “Johnny, why are you late?”

Johnny: “I had to make my own lunch.”

Teacher: “Ok then, have a seat. Class, who can tell me where the Mexican border is?”

Johnny raises his hand.

Teacher: “Yes Johnny, where is the Mexican border?”

Johnny: “He’s in bed with my mom, that’s why I had to make my own frickin’ lunch.”


from The Guardian comments