Skyline of Poona


First track from Bindu’s newly released album ‘Plain Tales from Poona’ – with lyrics…

skyline of poona

  Skyline of Poona  

ghats road

We came into Bombay
as the twilight settled in
on a local plane from Delhi
this is where this trip begins.
I had a major shock
that nearly swept me off my feet
’cause I’d never seen that many people
crowding on a street.

The air was hot and sticky
and the city was just immense
the heat and the dust and the noise
was intense.
I guess I’d never been
to a place like this before
we took a cab at Dadar Station
…hit the road once more.

And I see the skyline of Poona
appearin’ in the dark
from Monkey Hill, Lonavala
we’re headin’ for the Park

The car was old and rusty
and the driver quite the same
he fiddled with the steering wheel
hit the opposite lane.
I just couldn’t believe my eyes
when I saw what was goin’ on
well, he was smokin’ on a chillum
honkin’ the horn.

We climbed the seventh mountain
and finally reached the top.
Now was time for a little tea break
so we made a little stop.
A tea stall at the roadside
a bucketful of dirty cups.
I thought, my god, and didn’t dare
to touch a single drop.

But I see the skyline of Poona
appearin’ in the dark
from Monkey Hill, Lonavala
we’re headin’ for the Park.

Back in the car and sittin’ there
like a bunch of speechless sheep
after some miles a funny noise
the driver was asleep.
We woke the man and thundered
hey driver, now get a grip!
We didn’t pay for gettin’ killed
or injured on this trip!

But now we’re hittin’ Pimpri
Poona’s gettin’ close
somehow saved by the bell
before we had the overdose.
God only knows what awaits for us
on the other side of nights.
Will I die, get reborn
or will I live to see the light?

But I see the skyline of Poona
from Monkey Hill, Lonavala
we’re headin’ for the Park.

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BinduBindu, born in Copenhagen, studied anthropology at Uni before dedicating his life to music. He heard about Osho in 1977 and immediately felt called to go to Poona, where he took sannyas in the autumn of that year. He’s been a professional musician since the mid-80’s, and has released 12 CDs with various kinds of music. Bindu travelled the world for 25 years and now lives in Copenhagen. –

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