…left her body on 6th July 2014.

Krista, one of Garimo’s daughters writes:

Our beloved mother, Nadine/Garimo/Emee passed away on 7/6/14. She has left her body and entered her final samadhi, she has been drawn back to the Great Mystery. We are celebrating the beauty of her spirit and incredible life, and are grieving the loss of her profound presence in ours, and so many others’ lives. Emee was the name she took on as a grandmother and somehow many of her friends and family ended up calling her affectionately by that name as well. Emee was a beloved friend, mother, sister, lover, teacher, healer and spiritual seeker.

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She was my greatest ally and my most cherished confidante. She was my mentor and personal teacher. She was my first guru. She was a beloved friend, a kindred soul sister to me and many others. She was and is my greatest inspiration and evoked the deepest adoration from those that knew her. My sister Kira, my mother and I were, and are, deeply bonded as though we have known each other for many lifetimes and we shared many great adventures together in this one. We experienced a life of great beauty, challenging difficulties, heartbreak, deep connection, inspiring conversation, adventure, simple pleasure and an incredible sense of spiritual attunement. My mother was the person that encouraged me to study and teach yoga, to play music, to follow my heart and she supported me fully in my every endeavor.

Emee had a deep love for India, for the practice of yoga and the contemplative wisdom traditions. She had many wonderful teachers on her spiritual path both living and non-living, some that she studied with in person and some through their writings. Some of her greatest inspirations were her beloved Osho, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Shri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi and her favorite yoga teachers Chuck Miller, Pattabhi Jois, John Friend, Paulie Zink, and Shandor Remete. She lived a life full of adventure, healing, hard work and especially fun. She infused her life with love and deep friendships. She regularly plumbed the depths of philosophical wisdom, basked in yogic and contemplative practices and lived life on the leading edge of insight. She was a lover of music and the written word and she maintained a dynamic, revolving collection of eclectic music and books which brought her tremendous insight, fulfillment and joy.

She loved exploring all kinds of healing modalities and relished healing foods, vitamins and herbs. She found a deep sense of purpose and a passion in her chosen livelihood as a highly successful massage therapist in Los Angles, California. She had a genuine love of people and humanity and made friends regularly with people from all walks of life and from every part of the world. She was a loyal and generous friend to her beloveds. She found her highest calling in motherhood and was a gifted child whisperer who maintained her own sense of childlike innocence and wonder. It seemed she never forgot what it was like to be a child and so could easily engage in creative play and story telling with any child she came across. Children were some of her greatest loves and she would often come bearing gifts for the grandchildren of her best friends. She was deeply bonded to her one and only Grandson Ry Kailash. They shared seven years of boundless love, affection, playtime, bus rides together and raucous sleepovers.

By nature, Emee was highly inquisitive, upbeat, good natured and soulful. She was generous, gracious, fun loving, beautiful, playful, intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive, courageous, vulnerable and creative. She was highly adventurous, an optimist, deeply loving and an original free spirit. She was often described by others as a “bright light”.

Her spirit continued to shine brightly beneath the surface of the challenges she faced in the few years leading up to her passing. Her body had been very gradually declining due to complications from a right brain hemisphere mild stroke she had suffered six years prior. She spent the last few days before she passed with her family and friends settling into her new home, walking into town, enjoying the 4th of July parade and neighborhood block party, surfing the internet and genuinely enjoying life, love and friendships new and old. She passed away in the early morning hours of 7/6/14 at the home she shared with her daughter Kira and “son in love” Qavi.

We all thought we had more time with her and are deeply grieving the loss of her physical presence and beauty in our lives. She will be especially missed by her immediate family here in Ashland: Kira, Krista, Eric, Qavi and her beloved grandson Ry. We are now intentionally setting her spirit free and holding vigil for her soul’s journey home to the light. We have forgiven and know we are forgiven. We are envisioning her spirit being guided by and surrounded by the Eternal Source Light. We feel her wrapped in the wings of Grace, at Peace and at home in the Great Mystery.

We feel so powerfully the incredible love we shared. The love is ever present, flowing in an unending continuum, infinitely abiding. May all beings know and remember this One Love that is Ever Present and Infinitely Abiding.

Deep Gratitude. Deep Bow. Effusive flowers at your feet and at the Altar of your Heart. We love you Mom!


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It is with deep sadness and yet with a deeper gratitude I remember Garimo. It is gradually sinking in that beloved Garimo has left her body for the other shore. Deepest gratitude for having had the privilege of being witness to the incredible bond of love between Garimo, Kira & Krista.
Garimo was a unique person, she made me feel loved and special. But it was Garimo who was special, she was a light and a joy to be around. She was a dancing, joyful spirit and she will always have a special place in my heart. She will never be forgotten. Thank you for your sweetness, Garimo. Thank you for being in my life.

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