… left body on 28th July 2014 in Pune.

Ma Yoga Sohan Bafna was well-known in the Indian community, but also westerners knew her.

Sohan with Buddha statue

Osho mentioned her in several discourses and he wrote her the letters which have been published in Life is a Soap Bubble: 100 Ways To Look At Life. When Sohan was crying as Osho left at the end of a meditation camp in Matheran, Osho promised her that, as he had nothing else to give her in return for her tears, he would send her a letter every day…and that she should keep them so they could be published one day.

On Tuesday, 29th July is her celebration in Osho Meditation Resort at 2 pm.

No 20 from a Cup of Tea

Last night when lamps and lamps were lit up all
over town
I thought: My Sohan too, must have lit lamps and a
few among them must surely be for me!
And then I began to see the lamps you had lit, and
also those your love has kept lit always.

I shall stay here another day.
I have talked of you to everybody and they are
eager to meet you.


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To the lovely Sohan Ma, who I got so close to interviewing for her Osho stories, but was barred from me for our lack of a common language… I am so grateful for your presence in Buddha Grove at those late morning dance-ins where we could do nothing more than share a hug and boogie together for a few seconds….

Thank you dear lady for hosting Osho in Pune all those years ago, when he came through on his lecture circuit before he opened his first ashram.

I don’t remember exact details, but I heard how Osho knew that your husband was about to leave the body, and in some situation I don’t recall, called you to warn you and prepare.

This is the first I heard that he rewarded your tears with those exquisite letters in ‘…Soap Bubble’.

Osho loved our tears. (I do believe he rewarded some of mine, too.)

Fly high, dear one. And if you come back, come back as a buddha!



No words – just tears and a silent thank you for your love.
Ma Ratna

Thank you for your so loving and caring presence, your tender smile. I still see you sitting there… giving… silent… with your big eyes. Farewell, dear Sohan.

Beloved Sohan, you and Bafna befriended me since I arrived in Pune in 1976. You took me into your home, cooked for hours to prepare the most incredible meals of my life, showed me the bed where Osho slept when he visited Pune, and showed me the collection of letters in Hindi that the Master wrote to you every day! Your whole-hearted devotion and surrender to the Master opened my heart to Him, and I am forever grateful. Fly High, Beloved. Love is returning.

Beloved Sohan and Manibabu, wherever and whatever you are now, know that Carolyn and I are eternally grateful for your love and care, living with you and sharing so much Osho together.

Beloved Sohan Ma,
Big hug to you. Thank you for your warmth and love. Namaste.
Jeev Advita

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