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Published in The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, on July 21, 2014:

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Social media activist Glenn Marsalim has a lot on his hands. A freelance advertising copywriter by day, Glenn founded @pulkam, which gives information regarding routes for the Idul Fitri exodus, and @JalanKaki to promote walking habits among Jakartans.

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Courtesy of Glenn Marsalim

He also founded Freelance & Co, a community of freelancing creative people that includes an art director, copywriter, graphic designer, web designer/developer, photographer, illustrator, studio artist, translator, film director and computer programmer.

His latest venture is selling nasi ayam (chicken rice) online and introducing his Indonesian fusion food via his Instagram account.

For inspiration, he said, the 41-year-old often visited book stores and bought books as a reference for his work.

“I read during the night if I’m not too tired, but I usually speed-read books,” he said.

Other than books on haiku and cooking recipes by Nigella Lawson, Glenn is on the hunt for Indonesian books published between the 1940s and 1960s.

“I found Demokrasi Kita [Our Democracy] at a market in Yogyakarta. It was actually a newspaper article written by founding father Mohammad Hatta. It’s interesting to read what happened in the country at that time and the historical facts that have been hidden from the public.”

CreativityCreativity: Unleashing the Forces Within
by Osho

You could say this book is my bible.
It keeps me going in everything I do.

Rendang Traveler
by Reno Andam Suri

The book is about Minang traditions and the rich ingredients needed to make rendang [beef simmered in coconut milk]. It opened my eyes about the meaning of food and convinced me that Indonesian food is the world’s best. Now I’m also reading any books about food, the history of food and the like.

The works of graphic novelist Satrapi

I’ve collected most of her work, including Persepolis, Chicken with Plums, Embroideries and The Sigh. They are life-changers that can help us look into ourselves.

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