While Toby waits for one of his flights…

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010 elevator toby
011 getting to gate toby
012 running toby
013 duty free bag toby
020 carts toby
025 cleaner toby
030 direction toby
035 leggsss toby
036 push toby
040 family in duty free toby
050 yello shirt toby
055 hauling luggage 2
060 white bag
070 woman toby
080 gate toby
090 waiting toby
095 hand luggage toby
096 flight attendant toby


I am always looking for interesting images, and photographic techniques that somehow transcend ordinary vision to reveal something else, a glimpse of the hidden heart of things.

Since I seem to spend so much time at airports, I decided to see what I could find lurking there. Instead of using my normal camera, I had only my iPhone equipped with a slow shutter app. I spent several happy hours experimenting to see what was possible. These are the results.


Toby MarshallToby (aka, Santosh Toby – Toby Marshall) grew up in Los Angeles and studied theater at U. C. Berkeley and California State University Northridge. He toured Europe with the Living Theatre between 1975 and 1980. He came to Pune in 1980 where he took sannyas. On the Ranch we remember him well as a flute player for the celebrations and drive-bys. Today he is working as a TV cameraman and photographer in Asia, particularly in Japan.

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