I Blame the Lodger


A poem by Rashid


I blame the lodger
up there in his
sad stuffy loft
i got stung not
once but twenty
times a right peppering
the grass needs
cutting he says
lettuce seeds to be sown
peas transplanted
etcetera etcetera
don’t postpone
get on with it
the warning signs
were there
looming plum-dark
thunder clouds
it’s the mid-season
zone of scarcity
the hives have
everything to lose
bees now are
naturally defensive
they don’t like
the high pitch
of the strimmer
the air was close
I listened to the
sad tyrannical
caused grace
to suffer dead bees
and a painful face

Poem by Rashid, 20 06 14
From the recently published book Everything is Something Else

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