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Shantamo examines the Human Design 5/2 profile chart of actor Emma Watson.

Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, is a current United Nations’ Women’s Goodwill Ambassador. In that function she held a remarkable speech at the Headquarters of the UN for the HeforShe campaign, which promotes solidarity between the genders. Osho News picked up the news, at the same time as I, and published the video a few days ago: Men, Gender Equality Is Your Issue, too! It is definitely worth the ten minutes of your time to watch it.

Emma Watson

I came upon it through my volunteer work for the ManKind Project, an organization that offers a new access to the ancient qualities that make a man into a man. From our side of the gender divide, we work on the same issues that Emma Watson addresses. In her speech, she extends an invitation to men to do their side of the work. Gender inequality affects men as well as women. We are in this together.

I was touched by the level of honesty, insight, clarity and sheer courage that Emma Watson expresses. I looked up her birth data and made her chart.

Emma Watson's HD Chart

Emma Watson’s Personality Profile is made up of a 5th and a 2nd line. The 5th line represents her conscious side. It is outgoing; wants to show itself, impress, dazzle and teach. The line has something impersonal. It is between itself and a plural you – the audience. Fifth lines like to step up as a leader and show others the way. They broadcast this to the people around them, who in turn expect the 5th line person to ‘stand up and deliver’. Fifth line people thrive on the attention they receive and tend to derive their identity from it. Then they become the role they play.

The unconscious 2nd line, however, is strongly concerned with its effect on the other. This line has a personal quality: it is between ‘I’ and a singular ‘You’. It wishes to express itself naturally, and often faces internal questions: ‘Will I then be appreciated? Will you like the real me?’ Many times this unconscious element stays in the background. Those with a 5/2 Profile then remain unaware of the underlying doubts in their personality and continue to focus on the reflections they receive for their 5th line performance. They prefer to ignore the question: ‘But what is really true?’ that nags them from inside.

A 5/2 Profile person experiences a breakthrough when they can use the outgoing faculties of the 5th line to express what really matters to them as a person. Their inner life becomes real when they dare to express it without worrying about being liked or not. Most times people are touched by authenticity: how they will respond is unpredictable. Emma Watson took the risk – and we feel it.

In her chart you see two colored areas: we call it a split definition. The lower area gives her the drive to make something out of her life, both materially and spiritually. From time to time she may feel: either I act now and go beyond my self-imposed boundaries, or I will sit and fret for some time to come, and blame myself and the world. There can be a tendency to fight with shadows, just to be able to push against something. What can help then is to go inside and listen to your inner voice. When Emma Watson takes time to filter out the influences from the outside, she can rely on a finely attuned intuition. She may receive support from an unforeseen direction.

The upper colored area gives her the ability to convey ideas of harmony and merit to almost anyone. She can speak her mind with feeling. She could get carried away by her love of telling stories and lose contact with the listeners. Something to be alert about.

Emma Watson’s inspiration and the source of her creativity come from the white diamond in the middle, the Self Center. She is able to give direction to others – and may indeed be invited to do so – without clearly knowing where her own life is heading or what its purpose is.

“People are like: ‘Where are you living? What are you doing?’ I don’t know,” she said in an interview with Elle Australia. “I’m too young to decide right now if I want to live here or in New York or in LA or wherever else. And I really struggled for the answers the past three years. I should really know! I should really commit!”

Also: “I was like ‘I need to find a way to always feel safe and at home within myself’. Because I can never rely on a physical place.”

Away from the public eye, she found time to get certified to teach yoga and meditation. She has stated that it ‘anchors her crazy life’. “I meditate to stop the noise. I’m in my head a lot,” she said “I needed to slow down my thought process so everything gets a lot quieter.”

I can imagine meditation helps her to live with pressures that in reality come from the outside.

Not having a consistent idea of her direction in life is natural to Emma Watson and does not preclude her from guiding others.

She may well feel a sense of authority and responsibility in herself, waiting to be shared and spoken. She would like to remind others of their responsibility too. When and how she will express it, does not directly depend on her. She needs to wait for invitations and then give the example herself.

The first and second Gate, also located in the Self Center, have to do with creativity and receptivity. When she is in the flow of the creative process, she feels in intimate contact with life. Others may be fascinated without being able to grasp what is going on. Emma Watson is gifted to express things in words that defy logical understanding. It is in the tone of her voice, the vibration that her words carry. You may have felt it in her speech. In her profession, she may be well advised to look for directors who can sense this and give her the space to bring a certain extra quality into her roles.

I wish Emma Watson success and fulfillment on her further path through life. It is great to see such maturity and a sincere wish to make a difference in a young (from my point of view) woman like her. I have noticed that Human Design seems to be particularly adapted to the generation stepping into adult life now. I do not know why this is so, but I ask you, older readers, to pass on the information about this system to young people you know. Thank you.

Analysis by Shantamo – first published on his blog: yourhumandesign.ch


ShantamoShantamo grew up in the Netherlands and studied at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. In 1980 he came to Pune where Osho gave him his new name. He became part of the Amsterdam center (on a houseboat, later in a disused prison). In the Pune 2 commune he worked as a cook, and later in the Mystery School and as meditation leader. Since 2005 he lives in Switzerland where he gives sessions as a Certified Human Design Reader. yourhumandesign.ch/en

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