News / Updates / Events — 10 October 2014

Unusually intense natural occurrences have been reported worldwide, particular during the last few months.

Among them are increased volcanic eruptions – the latest being the sudden eruption of Ontake-san in Japan that surprised hundreds of hikers on its slope. Meanwhile there’s activity on Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy), Copahue (Chile/Argentina), Colima (Mexico), Santiaguito and Fuego (Guatemala), Ubinas (Peru), Kilauea (Hawai’i), Tungurahua and Reventador (Ecuador). Indonesia has presently 8 active vulcanos, namely Sinabung, Dukono, Ibu, Sangeang, Semery, Batu Tara, Slamet and Marapi. Seven more volcanos between the Kuril Islands and the Philippines are making themselves heard and this list shows just the ones that are in fact erupting and not just making noises or producing tremors.

Last but not least we are witnessing the ongoing eruptions of Bardabunga (Iceland), accompanied by frequent earthquakes. Icelandic photographer Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson and Eric Cheng of DJI captured a stunning aerial video of lava erupting from Bardarbunga volcano with the help of a drone. The pair were flying so close to the volcano that the drone’s GoPro camera melted, but the memory card was not damaged.

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We are in for exciting and dramatic times!