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Shahido writes about the latest meditation events in Australia.

I want to share a few photos of the wonderful Osho Meditation Camp we enjoyed with Dharm Jyoti at Mevlana, NSW. It was a camp of love, awareness and celebration and we all are so grateful that she came to help us go deeper with our meditation and love. We are also grateful to you all in India for supporting us in Australia in keeping Osho’s work available. It hasn’t been easy at times but on every occasion someone comes from India or Nepal. This helps us to be closer to our Beloved Master and closer to our own inner Being.

We had three days of Osho meditations – Osho’s love coming from his beloveds and from him through Jyoti; five friends took sannyas, Yahoo! Every time someone takes sannyas our group becomes stronger.

Shahido and sannyasins

I had so much love and support to run the camp with Zahira, Nityamo and Neru in the kitchen providing breakfast, lunch and snacks. With the help of volunteers, Agatta kept the dishwasher going, while Paritosho kept an overview to keep the program running smoothly. Udita and Mat kept the bathroom and hall clean, and Dhyana took care of the flowers and set out the meditation chairs when needed. Chaitanyo and Satyarthi took care of the sound system, and thanks to Anudasi and Sagara for the never ending supply of cakes! Madhuri from Brisbane was helping in a million ways… what a great team! I can truly say I have never had such a great team to work with and look forward to Arun’s camp between Christmas and New Year where we get the chance to do it all again.

Also, I want to thank Bodhiprem in Melbourne for organizing the best ever camp in Melbourne for Jyoti; he booked the most excellent hall money could buy, hired a caterer to make Indian food for us and also organized a stall at the Body Mind Spirit festival to advertise Jyoti’s visit to  Australia. Zahira, Diti and Madhuri went to Melbourne to help with that festival, and Zahira and I went to Melbourne to join in the Osho meditation event and saw two new people take sannyas – also thanks to Azti and Sujati for proving accommodation. Bodhiprem, you are a legend!

Jyoti then made her way to Sydney where Satyarthi and Vistar had organized two 2-day events – one in the heart of the city and one a residential camp in the countryside. Zahira and I also went to Sydney and joined with Osho lovers to celebrate Osho’s love and awareness with Jyoti. It was fantastic that the Nepali Osho lovers joined in with us providing accommodation and transport. Their company was a lot of joy; they are so full of love and energy. During the residential camp two more friends took sannyas. Also, many thanks to Saiba for hosting Jyoti and Rani and for providing so much love and support for all of us.

Because of the wonderful reception we feel inspired to offer a 2-day Osho Meditation Camp at Mevlana once a month starting with the first one from November 8 to 9, 2014.

All I can say is that the event was beyond words and Osho’s fire is burning stronger and stronger. I so hope Jyoti will come again…


ShahidoShahido is a nurse by profession and worked at the ashram’s medical center during the seventies. She cherishes the life changing experiences we all share since those days. Nowadays she lives in Australia and distributes Osho’s books there, organises meditation events and loves traveling to India. www.oshoinaustralia.com

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