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Sukant Deepak writes in India Today on September 26, 2014.

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Sometime the most fascinating journeys are those that take you back to yourself, reintroduce you to the basics, and force you to look at life with a new perspective. One such quest took us to the Osho Nisarga meditation centre, a 15-minute drive from Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. ‘Nisarga’ means nature, and this one’s fittingly nestled amidst a lushgreen environment and the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range.

Osho Nisarga plays host to visitors who are looking to spend sometime in meditation retreats, therapy groups and rejuvenation courses. They also conduct various courses in Ayurveda, pottery and painting. “This place has been designed with a view to bring together people who have embarked on an internal journey and want to see life afresh,” explains Swami Chaitanya Keerti, who conducts various courses here and across the country.

Osho Nisarga

If you want, there’s ample time for trekking, forest walks and visiting local attractions as well. You can try your hand at some farming as Nisarga has its own organic farm, and a vegetarian kitchen where food is cooked and served according to guests’ preferences. Various meditation facilitators from around the world come here to guide participants.

During the sessions, the participants have time to interact and communicate with each other, be on their own and also let down their hair after a long day with group dance sessions. While interaction among participants during sessions and therapies is almost minimum, the energy of the group helps each individual go more deeply into his or her own process. Sarah Calvert, a Kundalini yoga teacher and musician from Canada, describes her week-long stay at Nisarga as a chance to reflect and review her own practice.

An interesting aspect of Nisagra is an extension of therapies and sessions into informal training, like Osho Neo Reiki First Degree Initiations, which is open for everybody who wants to be re-connected with the source of healing. For those who wish to be certified “laughter yoga leaders”, there is an elaborate course which involves learning the physical, mental and emotional benefits of laughter. Promising to strengthen your energy body and immune system, the course is also designed for children and seniors. Do check out the pottery and meditation course. “Learn, let go and discover a whole-new you,” says Mrinalini Singh, a freelance journalist, who loves the place for its beauty and tranquility.

Popular Programmes

The Mystic Rose
A three-week process that lasts three hours per day. The first week has participants laughing for no reason, which dissolves the blocks to their inner spontaneity and joy. The second week is devoted to crying, and the third week is for silent meditation.

Born Again
It is a process that takes place for two hours a day, over seven days. For the first hour, participants take the space and freedom to behave as children. For the second hour, they sit silently, doing nothing except meditating and observing.

Tantra Meditation Retreat October 25 to November 2
Glimpse of the Eternal November 8 to 14
Dimensions of Being November 17 to 23
Osho Neo-Vipassana December 1 to 7

Distance from Chandigarh 233 kms
Contact Details: Osho Nisarga, Village Shilla, Post Office Pantehar, District Kangra, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh
Tel 9926549359, 9977716042; Email yes@oshonisarga.com, oshonisarga.com


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