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…left his body in November 2013.

Swami Deva Pritam (aka Bernhard Koch) was born on 15th April 1958 in Koblenz, Germany and grew up in Düsseldorf. He went to the boarding school in St. Peter Ording at the North Sea and later studied Physics in Berlin and in Hamburg. In 1980 he visited Pune and became a sannyasin. He later also visited Rajneeshpuram. He lived also in the Hamburg Commune where he worked together with Ketan and Samvado for a computer business. Pritam later worked for the software company SAP as a IT specialist and travelled between Zürich and Cologne, the place he lived during the last years of his life.

Pritam left his body at the age of 55, in November 2013, by commiting suicide due to a very heavy depression which had accompanied him for years.

Swami Deva Pritam
with family
Pritam with sister Eve
Christmas 1981 with family
Christmas with family
Pritam and his sister Eve protesting against nuclear power
Pritam, on top of rocks, with brother and sisters at Lake Garda

His sister Evi writes: “Pritam was such a fine, smart, lovingly and helpful man. I loved every minute when, after coming back from his trips to Pune or Oregon, he told me and the rest of the family about the time spent with his sannyasin friends. I would have wanted to go to Pune as well, but I did not have the free time while I studied medicine.

“He is my second younger brother and I am so sad that I could not save him from his depression. I very much appreciate the love for him I felt when his friends, Sw. Deva Jaljata, Ma Deva Parinit, Sw. Anand Devada and Samvado (India) answered to the news I posted on my blog. Thank you very much. I am so glad that he had such loving friends! Namaste and may the holy love, light and peace be with you all!”


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