They are not just letters

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (57)


Osho early discourse

I have received your letters –
but they are not just letters really,
they are poems born out of love,
out of love and prayer, for where there is love
there is prayer.
So it is possible to get glimpses of God
through another whom one loves –
love providing the eyes that can see God.
Love is the door through which He appears.
So when one loves all he can be seen in all things.
Part and whole in fact are not in opposition:
deep love for even one other finally spreads to all
because love dissolves the self; leaving the no-self.

Love is like the sun, the individual like frozen ice.
Love’s sun melts the icebergs leaving a limitless ocean.
So the search for love is really the search for God,
because love melts, and also destroys;
because love only melts and only destroys.

It is both birth and death.
In it the self dies and the all is born.
So there is certainly pain –
in the birth as well as in the death.
Love is a deep anguish of birth as well as death.
But the poetry flowering in you shows that you have
begun to experience the joy that lies in love’s anguish.

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