Osho’s ‘New Dimensions of Yoga’ Looks at Yoga as a Science

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Sravanth Verma writes in Digital Journal, India on December 9, 2014:

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Penguin publishers has released the latest of Osho’s books, titled “New Dimensions of Yoga,” which looks at yoga as a science of well-being rather than a belief system.

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The book includes nine sutras or aphorisms from Osho, about the dynamic nature of yoga. The first chapter is on meditation. Contrary to what most current yoga teachers say, Osho speaks of meditation not as a practice but as a lifestyle.

Osho, born Chandra Mohan Jain in 1931, traveled around India in the early years of his life and came to be known as Acharya Rajneesh, and later as just Osho. He encountered quite a bit of notoriety when he established his ashram in the Indian city of Pune in 1974. Though he seemed to care little for the controversy surrounding him — a famous quote by Osho states, “Only idiots are not controversial” — he was considered too permissive by Indian standards, and left after a stand-off between his ashram administration and city authorities and moves to the United States to establish a commune there. But notoriety dogged him there as well, and he was deported to India, where he died in 1990.

But Osho’s popularity seems to have grown after his death. It isn’t surprising that Penguin has decided to resurrect his books through this series. At the recently concluded Patna book fair, store keepers report seeing spirited sales of Osho books.

Penguin describes the book on the back cover thus: “From life to death, from mediation to consciousness, in simple language and easy to follow steps, Osho leads the reader to both understanding and practice of Yoga. New Dimensions of Yoga embodies all that is life.”

The book is available on Amazon for INR 199 (USD 3.5).


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