Hot Chillies — 02 March 2015

Chillies Galore

Your time is created within you. Your time is not my time.
There exist as many times parallel as there are minds.
There is not one time.

If there is one time, then there will be difficulty.
Then amidst the whole miserable human-kind, nobody can become a Buddha
because we belong to the same time.

No, it is not the same.

My time comes from me – it is my creativity.
If this moment is beautiful, the next moment is born more beautiful – this is my time.
If this moment is sad for you, then a sadder moment is born out of you – that is your time.

Parallel millions of lines of time exist.

And there are few people who exist without time – those who have attained to no-mind.
They have no time because they don’t think about past; it is gone, so only fools think about it.
When something is gone, it is gone.

Osho, Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega Vol. 2, Ch 4, Q 2 (excerpt)