Wu-Wei, Action from Inaction


You are asking, “Would you speak to us about Wu-Wei, action from inaction?”

That’s what I am speaking about. You don’t do anything; you become so utterly silent that out of that silence things start happening around you – that is action from inaction. A man of silence is not inactive; his energies have moved into a totally new dimension of spontaneity, of response-ability, of love, of joy, of creativity, and his whole being is so precious that he creates around him a contagious preciousness.

Osho with light

If we have a few million people in the world who are playful, who are not burdened, it doesn’t matter. If existence wants this planet to disappear, perhaps there is some significance in it. We will try to enjoy while we are here, while this planet exists. If our joyfulness, our playfulness, our flutes, our guitars, our sensitivity changes the intelligence of the universe and cancels the decision – this is not the planet to be destroyed, this is the planet to be nourished more – if it happens, good; if it does not happen then that too is perfectly good.

Do you remember when you were not – were you angry, sad? Before your birth, do you remember any problem, any trouble? After your death you will be in the same position as you were before your birth.

Existence is beautiful, but if it disappears, if the whole cosmos decides for it to disappear, you will not miss it; you will not be there at all. So don’t make it a fear, a duty, a responsibility to be done. Don’t feel guilty that you are so small – what can you do? However small you are, you can love, you can dance, you can celebrate whatever moments are available. And this will be action from inaction.

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat, Ch 12, Q 2 (excerpt)

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