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Kaiyum reviews Sherry A. Rogers’ book.

Detoxify or DiePerhaps you are one of the countless millions who live in a mist of pain, discomfort and above all tiredness. The various doctors and specialists you’ve visited do their tests and offer an astounding variety of medications. But you just seem to get sicker.

Two versions
In 1990 the first edition of this book appeared under the title Tired or Toxic? A Blueprint for Health. It was a bound version of a simply typed manuscript, but packed into the 440-odd pages was precisely what Sherry A. Rogers, MD promised in the subtitle. The 2002 version is an updated and in every way upgraded version, but for those on a limited budget there’s no need to go for the more expensive new publication – the ‘almost for free’ second-hand copies available on Amazon will set you on the path to health very quickly.

Simple message
The key is indeed very simple: clean up the body, stop using pharmaceutical medications, restore imbalances and remove existing toxins. Yes, somewhat easier said than done since it is important to understand how the body detoxifies. And that’s where Rogers scores. She presents a clear and thorough summary of the various detoxification pathways, the different ways and back-up mechanisms the body uses to flush out poisons. She is also very clear about which sections are okay to skip, because there is a great deal of useful information about complex chemical processes.

Above all, this book is highly readable. Rogers makes it clear that you do not have to be a wizard in biochemistry to resolve your health problems, yet she does provide the knowledge – at different levels – for those readers who want to know more.

There are dozens of examples, anecdotes and amusing illustrations to support Rogers’ theme, namely that sparkling health is a realistic goal.

Two worlds
Rogers is also very clear about self-help and the need to keep searching for a doctor (or health practitioner) who will support this investigation into the unique biochemical complex that is your body. She is equally clear about her disapproval of the current allopathic system in which sickness is defined by a code that conforms to insurance company guidelines for reimbursement. Naturally, being American, Rogers writes from the US point of view and the structure of the American health system – of which she is repeatedly critical, but with well-founded arguments.

One thing is abundantly emphasised: if you want to get better, you’re going to have to be assertive, determined and disciplined. You also need to be creative in finding the health practitioner(s) who will support you in discovering the imbalances in your body so that you can take the supplements and eat the right foods that are crucial to restoring your health.

Virtually inherent to the world of ‘complementary’ practitioners (and yes, in many countries even chiropractors and acupuncturists – to name but two specialisations – are considered ‘alternative’) is the need to support the body’s inbuilt natural healing powers. Rogers lashes out occasionally at the shortsightedness and the power of the drug companies in combination with the insurance companies, the FDA and the ‘health (read: sickness) industry’. She is equally critical of the difference between suppressing symptoms and seeking true solutions at source. Assigning a label to a symptom or group of symptoms is not the same as providing healing!

Dr Sherry RogersThe author
Sherry A. Rogers has an impressive academic background. As well as being a medical doctor, she is also a specialist in many areas such as toxicology, allergy, immunology and – the ‘umbrella’ for this as well as her other books – the broad science of ‘environmental medicine’.

As a speaker and lecturer she travels widely and continues to promote her goal of helping individuals adapt to the current levels of environmental pollution without resultant chronic disease.

Other titles of her many publications provide a solid impression of how valuable her insights can be in helping you to restore your health: Chemical Sensitivity, You Are What You Ate, No More Heartburn, How To Cure Diabetes, Pain Free In 6 Weeks, The High Blood Pressure Hoax, Depression: Cured At Last!

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