Whenever I saw you only one question arose in my mind

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (61)


How can I describe how happy I am
to have received your letter?

Osho Sixties

Whenever I saw you,
only one question arose in my mind –
How long are you going to keep away from me?
I knew you had to come closer to me,
it was only a matter of time,
so I kept waiting and praying for you.
To me, prayerful waiting is love.

I also knew you were going through
the pangs of a new birth
and that rebirth is very near –
for only this can give soul to your songs.

Words are the form and form has its own beauty,
its own melody, its own music.
But this is not enough,
and he who considers this enough
remains discontented forever.
The soul of poetry lies in silence.

To me, prayerful waiting is love,
and the void is the door to the divine temple.
You have come to me
and I want to take you to the Lord
for how can you come close to me
without first coming closer to Him?
In fact without coming close to Him
you cannot come close even to yourself.
Then as soon as you come near Him
you attain that life
for which you have gone through so many lives.
To come close to oneself is to be reborn –
the principle of being twice born is just this.
And remember, not even the pebbles
lying on the road are just pebbles;
they too await a new birth,
for that second birth turns them into diamonds.

P.S. To run after desires is to run after a mirage.
It is a journey from one death to another.
In the illusion that is life
man dies this way time and time again.
But those willing to die to their desires
discover that death itself dies for them.

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