Earthquake in Nepal also affected Osho Tapoban

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Reportedly all sannyasins are well. Reconstruction begins. Link to fundraiser.

Hearing about the devastating earthquake in Nepal yesterday, many will have thought of our friends at Tapoban, the 25 year old Osho community situated close to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

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Today we heard from Prapat at Osho Niranjana in Southern California that Arun, who runs Osho Tapoban, is presently in Malaysia conducting a meditation camp. However, several sannyasins at Niranjana are of Nepalese origin and have been in contact with their families in Kathmandu and friends at Osho Tapoban. As far as Prapat knows all friends living in the community at Osho Tapoban are safe, yet there has been significant building damage, in particular the new Welcome Centre and the Zorba the Buddha Café.

Fundraiser for Osho Tapoban:

Fundraiser for Nepal:
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