You Are Blessed To Be Co-Creators

Hot Chillies

Whatever I say … publish it in all the possible languages.

Red chillies

Whatever I say, all that is needed is to publish it in all the possible languages.

That will be your main work, because now you will not find publishers to publish it. Now we will have to publish it with our own resources: we will have to translate it ourselves, publish it ourselves, make arrangements for the marketing. And that great responsibility falls on you.

The word should reach. People may understand today or tomorrow or day after tomorrow – that doesn’t matter – but one day they will understand it.

One thing I can say, that whatever I am saying is going to become the future philosophy, the future religion, of the whole humanity; and you are blessed to be co-creators in it.

Osho, The Path of the Mystic, Ch 27, Q 1 (excerpt)

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