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The date in your agenda: 27th-31st August 2015!

Osho Leela in Dorset UK is known for its festivals. They happen throughout the year. There are 15 beautiful acres of land where people can camp in summer and a large house and pine cabins for indoor accommodation.

Last year in August, Osho Leela hosted the first Osho Festival UK which brought together 250 Osho lovers to dance, laugh, meditate, hang out and reconnect. Many people were invited to contribute: artists, poets, authors, filmmakers, musicians and workshop leaders.

The walls of the house were filled with beautiful artwork and various craftmakers joined the exhibition. The marquee had Osho meditations throughout the day, many with live music led by Milarepa, well known and loved throughout the Sannyas world. He brought his light heart, joy and celebration and we invited many sannyasin musicians licing in the UK to join him. What fun we had!

We also cast the net far and wide to find sannyasins facilitating workshops in a host of fields from The Path of Love to Living with the Inescapable, Biodanza to Goddess and Noble Man.

The idea was really to showcase what an amazing variety of inspirations have emerged from the world of Osho and to kindle the fire in the UK sannyas scene. In doing this, we hoped to attract new friends also to this enormous international community of beloveds.

We were packed and, though it turned out to be on the chillier end of the summer heatwave, many people camped, children and families enjoyed the freedom of our grounds and friends came together to meditate and celebrate. It really was a big Yahoo! Just have a look at the slide show of last year’s pictures taken by Samarpan:

Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-43
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-45
Anyone for Camp care asks Louisa @ Osho Leela-Samarpan
Kids @ Osho Leela-2014-08-24 16.02.49-Samarpan
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-39
Samvado art @ Osho Leela-Samarpan
Inside the Shop @ Osho Leela-Samarpan
Kids @ Osho Leela-Samarpan
White Robe @ Osho Leela-Samarpan (2)
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-14
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-16
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-36
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan--3
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan--2
Osho-Leela-Festival-2014-Amano Samarpan-23


So, after the success of 2014, we are delighted to invite you for another explosion of love and celebration at Osho Leela, for the Osho Festival UK 2015, 27th-31st August. Once again, it will be an international gathering. We have Milarepa and his band coming again with Osho meditations offered all day from Osho Dynamic first thing to Evening Meeting. There is live music for Osho Satsang, Nataraj, Music Group, Evening Meeting and Trance Dance.

We have workshops in Tibetan Pulsation with Prabhuta, Enneagram with Subhuti, Living with the Inescapable with Maneesha, Being a Star with Svabhavo, Singing Medicine with Tarisha, Creativity with Vishwa, Yoga with Shambavi and a celebration of Veeresh’s work with Sambodhi and Navajata from the Humaniversity. Pankaja will be showing one of her films; there will be an exhibition room of art and the usual Leela treats on offer which include a yurt sauna, bonfire, healing centre and coffee shop.

The programme is full to the brim. The place is conducive to rest and relaxation or full-on participation. The food is excellent. There is a kids club and space for teenagers to hang out.
With 19 years of experience running festivals, the community at Osho Leela will manage the organisation smoothly and seamlessly.

It’s the place to be on the August Bank Holiday weekend!

Testimonials from 2014

‘I loved it more than anything I’ve done here (and it’s all been good).’

‘Thank you so much for one of the best weekends of my life. I felt drawn here. Great place, great people. It’s like being in a beautiful bubble of love and bliss. Thank you. Namaste.’

Text by Tarisha
Photos © Osho Leela – Amano Samarpan – amanosamarpan.com


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