Your coming to me was a happening


I don’t know how to speak; you cannot find a more amateur speaker in the world.

I don’t know what I am going to say the next moment. My hands move on their own. In fact, the hands are extensions of your brain; your right hand is connected with your left brain, your left hand is connected with your right brain. They are in tune with my brain, so whatever gesture is there, it is not my doing. And the brain is a mechanism, it is not me.

What I am going to say, I don’t know; I simply allow it to be said. That’s why it is so easy for me to go on speaking for years – there is no problem. These are no prepared speeches.

Osho 72

Just the other day Vivek was very amazed…. In the morning, after my bath and taking my breakfast, which is nothing much, just a glass of juice…. I am always in such a beautiful relaxed state that although I have slept the whole night – that was also beautiful – after my bath I can fall asleep again. I have to come here, so I have to leave at eight-fifteen. Vivek came and she saw me fast asleep. She woke me up, and she said, “It is now eight-twenty. Your secretary is waiting outside, and you are sleeping!” So just out of sleep I come here and start. But there is no doing in my life.

You all have come to me, I have not called you. Just think, your coming to me was a happening. Your being here with me is nothing like doing. Anybody who is here with effort is not going to remain here long. Only those who are here simply as a happening are going to be with me forever. And to me, each moment is an eternity unto itself.

If you are with me without any effort, without any doing on your part, you have fallen in tune with me, because I am just happening. If you are also in the mood of happening, suddenly there is no duality between me and you. Two happenings are not two; a thousand happenings are not a thousand. If all the sannyasins here are here without any effort and are just enjoying whatever is happening, then we are one soul.

Why does one have to make an effort? – Because deep down one does not want to be here, that’s why one has to make an effort to be here. How long can you repress your going away, and why waste your time in repressing? If that is your destiny to go away, go away with joy, with all my blessings.

If it is a happening to you, then there is no question ever of saying, “Be here with all my blessings.” You will know it without my saying it. I will be overflowing in you, you will be reaching me. And this will be an absolutely invisible phenomenon.

Osho, From the False to the Truth, Ch 14, Q 4 (excerpt)

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