The Last Judgement and Turning Point


Tamo-san, a Buddhist priestess and seeress, visited Pune in 1989 and met with Osho in Buddha Hall. Osho showered rose petals on her.

She was also known as Ryoju Kikuchi (190?-2001). She stated that one of the greatest follies of human thought is the assumption that humans are somehow ‘above’ or separate from the rest of Nature. She said that if this folly were not overcome, we could do nothing to prevent our imminent destruction as a species.

In the old days, evil things spread rapidly, but now good things spread rapidly. If you understand…everything begins to appear wonderful and beautiful, and it naturally makes people stop wasting or stop desiring unnecessary things. This awakening is contagious and it will be transmitted to everybody soon.

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Video transcript

Welcome to the turning point towards a new life.

Limitless blessing will be the word for the next stage in the life and lifestyle of mankind.

The process will be to abandon everything and all possessions in order to receive the limitless support of the universe. This is the teaching of Gautama Buddha.

Because of the way I was raised, I saw and understood that everything in the universe was perfect just as it was. The planet, trees, mountains, air water, animals, humans and stars are treasures and should be respected equally. We humans are a part of everything and everything is a part of us.

This world has a skin of air that protects all living beings. Without air the sea would evaporate and mountains will disappear.

Unhappiness or misfortune is a choice! As a child I experienced happiness because I saw the beauty of the sky, trees and mountains, along with my body all functioning perfectly. At that time, 70 – 80 years ago, the world was different. In Japan were only a few houses surrounded by fields in an unspoiled environment. Unlike today’s children, we were free to play and explore almost anywhere.

As a child I watched cows and horses eat grass, they grew strong powerful bodies; so I ate grass, chick weed and clover. It was safe to eat such grasses because it was insecticide free. I fail to understand the use of these pollutants and am puzzled by human nature for doing so!

Therefore I want you all to know the Buddhist concept in saying: “Having nothing is the first step to being blessed.”

Until you realize and experience this, you won’t be able to receive the blessings which come naturally. There is no need to look for ‘treasure’, you are surrounded by it, you are part of it!

This song is the seed of happiness: The creatures of nature are beautiful and precious as they are.

I find that I too, am beautiful and precious. The invalid and the sick secretly keep things just as beautiful as nature. I respect everything in the world. When I say everything is natural, I mean absolutely all beings, not just human beings. The rest of the beings on this planet live in harmony and are supportive of one another. Only mankind has stepped outside this supportive relationship. Man seems to believe the rest of creation exists for him to exploit. Once human beings thought this, it was the beginning of imbalance and decline.

Because I wasn’t raised to exploit other beings I never experienced unhappiness or dissatisfaction. If you felt and knew you were perfect and interrelated with all beings on this planet then you would lose the desire to own it. These people do not realize they are perfect beings. When you realize this, you receive ‘Wisdom Food’ and discover the way out instead of being helpless.

You here today need to show impoverished people that they are valuable and perfect beings.

I have travelled to many places outside of Japan to give this message ‘know your worth’. I can only meet a limited number, so you must have confidence in yourself and share this same message. Remind others that ‘having nothing is the first step to receiving all you have need of’.

This year I visited Australia. It’s huge, at least twenty-two times the size of Japan! There are forests and mountains, and the land mostly had sheep, cattle and horses grazing on it but soon it will become a desert. So it would be better to stop raising animals and learn to grow and eat vegetables to prevent another desert. Land used for meat production feeds far fewer people!

My daughter Shizuru and I taught a variety of vegetable cooking at a 3-week residential course. One woman with a heart condition considerably improved with the change of diet. Later she stayed one month at my temple learning a new lifestyle and eating habits. On returning and being examined by her Australian physician he pronounced any further check-ups unnecessary!

If simply changing a diet can produce this much health, think how we could change the planet’s health. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Just open your eyes and look for yourself.

Before World War II I lived in Tokyo. People would not believe the quote “to have nothing is the first step to receiving the blessings of the universe.” They said, “You are a Priestess and receive gifts of money, it is easy to say such things!”

I decided to take my family to live on a mountain west of Tokyo at an altitude of 1,100 metres. We had 7 sen which could buy 14 large lollipops! We went there to prove our faith in nature to provide our needs. We stayed 4 years and still had 7 sen left! Four years later I still had 7 sen and proved that it was possible to live without money. At that time Japan had grassland, fruit trees and bushes, unlike Tokyo now. People were unaware of the importance of trees and grass, so they chopped trees and concreted the land.

I’m trying to teach people we need the greenery to live and experience how wonderfully nature provides.

October 10, 1992

Credit to Baul


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