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25 videos of Osho Sandesh V Magazine, posted by Osho Sandesh at Osho Tapoban Centre in Nepal on YouTube, have been terminated on demand by OIF.

Osho Sandesh

Excerpts from a letter we received from the Sandesh Team:

“YouTube informed us that they had received a trademark complaint from Osho International Foundation signed by Klaus Steeg aka Pramod which stated that ‘Osho’ is a trademark that they own and we could not use it and had thus terminated our account.

“Osho Sandesh or the message of Osho as it literally means is a medium to express our love for our master through a creative medium of a film that shows different spiritual activities happening at Tapoban and other meditation events inspired by the vision of Osho. Like millions of other disciples of different masters around the world, we as Osho disciples should be free to express our love, respect and discuss our master and contribute our effort in spreading his vision as per our capacity. This is our fundamental religious freedom.

“We are shocked that even in today’s free world we have to experience such oppression of the media and our freedom of speech by a fascist management whose members are accused of criminal offense for forging a fake will of Osho. Also the same people who are the trustees of OIF in Switzerland are under the investigation of the Swiss Authority for the mismanagement of funds of international proportions.

“OIF always chooses the medium of destruction; closing down websites, Facebook pages, taking down videos which shows OIF’s intention to narrow down and curtail the myriad possibilities of spreading Osho. And this only compels us to be more creative and make more beautiful films as Osho says, ‘Creativity is the biggest rebellion in existence’.

“We are fully assured that YouTube has to reinstate our channel and all the videos, it is only legal to do so.  Until our previous channel is reinstated our videos will be available on our new YouTube channel OshoSandesh VideoMagazine.

“All that is needed for wrongdoings and unjust to succeed in this world is for enough good men to remain silent. Right people have done more harm in this world by remaining silent against unjust wrongdoings. This compels us to not keep mum about this unjust act of oppression.”

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