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…left her body on 4th July 2015.

Our beloved Trinda has gone. Much loved daughter, mother, sister and friend to so many of many worldly and spiritual families. The news of her passing is changing the landscape in unexpected ways for us all.

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Just 10 days before her 70th birthday, accompanied by dear loved ones, she left beautifully and with grace. Her long illness was borne with dignity, curiosity and her characteristic British no-fuss style. She used the circumstances to become as present, awake and authentically herself as possible, through many modes of inquiry and practise. She was loving, vibrant, inquisitive and present until her last moments and seemed to become more and more refined and radiant as her body became increasingly fragile and transparent. Her spirit however was as determined as ever and though frail, she attended a Diamond Essence training in Sydney the week before she died!

Born in England in 1945, she cultivated both sensitivity and resilience through some challenging life circumstances. Educated among the privileged, she trained her fine mind within the disciplines of academia and a lifelong love of learning, language, literacy and humanity. She worked as librarian, activist, artist, horsewoman and equestrian with robust health, enthusiasm and a hunger for change. Her willingness to challenge the cultural norm of her times had her travelling to Italy to rescue art treasures, trekking and travelling to India, ​learning to speak Italian, Irish, and then Welsh, ​working amongst men as a builder, painter and craftswoman and truth seeking in all dimensions. She and her partner of that time, Prabodham hand-built their own house in rural Wales and she was always a woman connected to the earth. It was here she gave birth to Mallika, her daughter, who has survived her, thrived in their unique relationship and embodied her wise ways.

Trinda took sannyas with Osho in 1980 in Poona and was resident in the Poona ashram, ​in the Totnes Commune, in ​Medina Rajneesh ​and spent time at ​the Humaniversity, ​and ​the Ranch.

F​or the last 28​ years, she made her home within the extended community in Byron Bay, Australia.

There, initiated into a path of feminine wisdom, she unearthed a deep instinctual knowing of her unique gifts, her particular magic and threw her heart, passion and her fine enquiring mind to the reclamation of the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine as a pathway to self-knowing and awakening. In a time with few models of feminine wisdom, she grew into eldership, became the crone, and was an example, teacher and wise counsel to many on their path. In other times she could have been called witch, shaman, a pagan … she was the wise woman whose considered steady gaze could pierce through fabrication in a heartbeat.

She is a founding creator of Shematrix, a collective of women who hold rites of passage for women and men throughout the world. In this work, as well as other wisdom lineages, she cultivated the deep compassionate listening, stillness, and magic of the old ways that fed her own soul journey and was unaccountably nourishing to be near. We will miss her particular flavour in the flesh, but have no doubt of her continued presence, guidance and fragrance in spirit.

Never shy with an opinion, she was a regular writer of letters to banks, people and institutions who needed challenging and she enjoyed the exchange of debating a wide variety of viewpoints in social, political and spiritual life. She also had a thirst for knowledge and as a friend recently quoted:

“She consumed books like a whale eats krill.” ― Alan Bradley

Returning to studies in her 50s, she completed a fine arts degree and pursued her art as a vehicle for engaging with and transmitting the unfathomable beauty of the mystery. There are lucky ones who have her artwork and writings to remember her with and yet somehow her true legacy is in what is woven in the silence between us.

She had an ability to befriend and accept the broadest spectrum of peoples and her capacity to be deeply and tenderly present, especially as her physical capacities waned, in the briefest moments, was to feel deeply seen, fully met and to bask in unconditional love and acceptance. She lived fully, loved and danced a wild jig this round and we are so blessed to have known her.

Tibetan monks are offering prayers for her for the 49 days following death and there will be a celebration of her life on her 70th birthday at Mevlana in Byron Bay. Loved ones are welcome to come. Bring chocolate cake!

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Osho talks to Trinda during the sannyas initiation: A Sky Without Clouds
Osho replies to one of her questions in: Three Centers: Head, Heart and Being

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On Saturday 4th July my beautiful mother Trinda died, here in Australia. A dear friend of hers has renamed it ‘Trindapendance Day’ for she flew free of her body after years of an illness she bore gracefully, with lightness, curiosity, compassion, irreverant humour and little complaint.

I had the blessing to return to Oz to spend time with her and care for her and be with her this year, as she went through the final stages of her illness. We reconnected deeply, lightly, honestly, lovingly, and found new more spacious ways of being together as mother and daughter, as sisters, and as friends, and for this I am deeply grateful.

I was taxiing for takeoff in Denver when she died, flying home to be with her in her last days. When I received the call, the most stunning sunset was painting the Colorado sky outside the aeroplane window. She left her body surrounded by loved ones, and with incredible grace.

I am heartbroken, grieving, shattered inside. My words are muted. I have lost my mother and I miss her so, so much. But it was her time, and she was ready to leave behind her failing body and fly free, and I also know and trust that. There was and is so much love surrounding her, and surrounding all of us who knew and loved her. She was a funny, beautiful, wise, and fierce-willed woman with huge courage and a deep, gentle heart. She will be deeply missed by many. I miss her so much already. I love you Trinda!


Farewell, Trinda, on your journey to the Master’s side. My love and support to your family. Love,

Fond memories of Trinda from the late 70’s / early 80’s in London. Feisty and smart.

Trinda has been and always will be a shining light in the Byron Bay tribe. For me Trinda is as solid as a rock and as ethereal as a wisp of campfire smoke. Thank you Trinda for having such a wonderful daughter as Mallika to take us all forward….. Love ya always Trins…


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