A Sky Without Clouds

Darshans Sannyas darshans

Anand means bliss. Trinda means pure, clean, clear.

These are the basic qualities of a blissful person. He is pure but not in the moral sense, he is pure in a scientific sense, because there is no misery in him. Misery pollutes the being, it covers your being like clouds. The pure person is one whose being is a sky without clouds.

Trinda taking sannyas

It has nothing to do with morality. Morality itself is a cloud – maybe a beautiful cloud – and immorality is an ugly cloud. But a cloud is a cloud. Beautiful or not, it hinders the vision, the light. The sun cannot reach you, the moon cannot reach you. It comes like a wall between you and the stars.

Clean has a second quality. Bliss has the fragrance of the just-opening flower or the just-born baby; it is the same feeling as when you come out of a shower. That cleanliness continuously remains with the blissful person.

The miserable person is dirty, he feels the dirt clinging to him. He has never known that the beyond showers continuously. He has never been bathed with the beyond, he has never taken a shower in God; hence he is unclean.

And clear, the third quality. The blissful person can see things as they are. The miserable person always projects his desires. He is so full of desires, so full of frustrations, so full of failures, that his whole life is nothing but wanting, wanting, wanting. He cannot see things as they are, his wants are too many.

The blissful person is at ease with himself. He is in a state of non-wanting, he is satisfied. He has got that after which everybody is running and rushing. His perception has no projections in it. And to see things as they are is to see God.

The word ‘God’ is simply a code word. In mystery schools G stands for that, O stands for which, and D stands for is. That which is – that’s exactly the meaning of the word ‘God’. God is not a word; it is a code word. It has to be decoded, and only a blissful person is capable of decoding it.

So my message basically is simple: be blissful, be cheerful. And if you are blissful you are religious.

Osho, Is the Grass Really Greener? (unpublished darshan diaries)

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