People Are In A Hurry


I have come to know people who have meditated three days, and on the fourth day they ask,

“Three days we have been meditating, why has nothing happened yet?”

Osho in garden

As if they are obliging existence by meditating for so long – three days, one hour every day; that means three hours. And if you actually look, in their meditation they were just daydreaming; with closed eyes they were daydreaming. They call it meditation! And just because for three days they have been sitting for one hour – with great difficulty, somehow managing, great noise inside, no silence, no peace, no consciousness, just desires, thoughts, memories, imagination, constant traffic, a crowd – then they come on the fourth day saying, “Osho, what is happening? Three days have passed and nothing has happened yet.”

Time should not be taken into account at all – three years, not even three lives. You should not think in terms of time, because the phenomenon of meditation is non-temporal. It can happen any moment, it can happen right now; it may take years, it may take lives. It all depends on your intensity, on your sincerity, and it all depends on your totality.

Osho, Ah This! Ch 5 (excerpt)

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