Horoscope August 2015


Uranus is an important factor for you to take steps in a new direction, says Sitara.


Leo Virgo

Sun 8° Leo – 8° Virgo
Moon 15°Aquarius – 8° Aries
Mercury 17° Leo – 5° Libra
Venus, retrograde 30° – 15° Leo
Mars 3° – 22° Scorpio
Jupiter 28° Leo- 4° Virgo
Saturn, direct from 2nd onwards 28°– 29° Scorpio
Chiron, retrograde 21° – 20° Pisces
Uranus, retrograde 20° Aries
Neptune, retrograde 9° – 8° Pisces
Pluto, retrograde 14° – 13° Capricorn
North Node 4° – 2° Libra
Lilith 27° Virgo- 1° Libra
New Moon, 14th 14.55h GMT 22° Leo
Full Moon, 29th 18.36h GMT 6° Pisces



Mood of the Moment

A very balanced month. As always, there are tense situations, but counterbalancing possibilities abound. The most important factor in all this is Uranus; now you can dare to take steps in a new direction. Even before further discussions start, decisions should be implemented straight away – and then assess if corrections are necessary. Only during beginning and end of the month will conversations be free of possible misunderstandings. In particular, during mid-August all agreements must be accurately verified and immediately put down in writing, as intentional and unintentional errors or inaccuracies are likely.

A special event is Jupiter’s transition from Leo into Virgo, who now has the lucky planet with her for an entire year. With Jupiter in Virgo, ‘typically German’ values ​​are rekindled, for example order, accuracy, diligence, reliability or responsibility, as well as typically Virgo traits such as helpfulness, environmental and health awareness. Rather unpleasant ‘German characteristics’ however, will be loosened up by Jupiter. So perhaps one won’t immediately blurt out criticism, but may be more lenient and humorous and letting go into the whole instead of wanting to keep everything under one’s own control.



AriesAries: The first three weeks are full with esprit and vigour. You feel self-confident and at liberty to create your life independently. You are in the fullness of your power, and from mid-month onwards you can vigorously implement or enforce many good ideas. Feel free to embark on also larger projects; even if at the end of the month a spanner is thrown in the works, you will definitely have the power to lead everything to a successful outcome. Think long-term now, lest your birthday is around the 11th of April – in that case improvisation is called for.


TaurusTaurus: Now you are experiencing a similar elated phase as during July, but under different circumstances. This means that you should tackle things more deliberately even if everything seems to be running so well. Saturn demands a sober look at the situation so that your demands don’t grow sky-high. Your natural realism helps you to stay grounded and with natural and common sense you will get through the month with ease. During the second half of the year you can dare make new steps which will give you more scope.


GeminiGemini: An extremely inspiring month with wide-ranging influences. The first week promises expansion, renewal and beautiful encounters, while Saturn insists on temperance. This is advised also for the following weeks and will come increasingly more natural to you. Do not let yourself be carried away by rapturous thinking, which will only cause chaos and disillusionment. Rather, think your projects through thoroughly and precisely. If others regard you as too uncompromising, explain yourself but do not give in automatically.


CancerCancer: At the beginning of the month, rely on durability; thoroughness and accuracy lower your pace, but this serves you more than restlessness or pressing ahead in haste.With the New Moon this changes to the opposite, the tempo picks up and you can try out new things. Now there’s no need to wait, and you also don’t have to play it safe constantly. This influence will continue into September. Develop new ideas, alone or together with others. The implementation can be carried out at a later time.


LeoLeo: The first half of the month is altogether more peaceful than the second. Relationship issues dominate and ask for clarification. To keep up your spirits, focus on what is going well in your relationships. You will find quite a lot does, just don’t rest on your laurels too much. In the second half of August there will be more dynamic coming up and you are equipped with more energy and enterprising spirit. Implement projects and be innovative if you encounter problems. Your creativity is asked for and will unfold particularly in difficult circumstances.


VirgoVirgo: It is important for you to keep a clear head and most of the time you will succeed. And also, in August your power for reasoning helps and allows you a much deeper grasp than usual. Besides, Jupiter’s expansive strength brings about a renewal of your spiritual life. This may confuse you temporarily, because many of your basic assumptions have become too narrow and impede further development. Jupiter opens up new possibilities for you now, also in other areas of your life. He remains committed to you for one whole year.


LibraLibra: Move slowly and deliberately, even if it seems that it isn’t really necessary. Now it is important to be realistic; think through everything thoroughly and steer your energy in a direction that helps you in your development. Then you will experience an opening and renewal in the second half of the month that strengthens you in your deepest core and makes you independent. All of this is likely to find its expression only by the end of September. At the end of August you realize how tremendously helpful your mind can be in spiritual matters.


ScorpioScorpio: Talking, empathy, desires – none of this will help you now. It is better to focus on what truly strengthens you emotionally and to act out of this strength. While doing this, remember that whatever you do, you can correct it if necessary. At the middle of the month Pluto facilitates deep encounters with others as well as profound insights. In the second half of August it is about uncompromisingly standing up for your truth. Do not allow others convince you of you being a party pooper. You know what matters to you.


SagittariusSagittarius: Now a lot works out but not everything. The focus should be on coming together and learning from each other and not on absolute notions of right and wrong. Believe it or not, but even ‘Love, Life, Laughter’ can become a doctrine. In the second half of August you need to adjust first of all, because from now on new rules apply: For one year it is about diligence, accuracy, discipline, objectivity, responsibility. This will be more fun than you think. You will get a small taste of it at the end of August.


CapricornCapricorn: Now matters start moving along again. The voices of those who believe that you should treat yourself more and work less do not fall silent but now you come up with good compromises. In the first half of the month consider the emotional side, most of all what you need to relax. Come to an agreement with others, so that you all can feel comfortable together. In the second half of the month however, get to the bottom of things. What is it that really drives you? Take the time to compare notes with competent people.


AquariusAquarius: You now get reinforcement for your hands-on, adventurous and spirited side. Finally you can be a pioneer again and initiate news things. Get out of conformation, and into adventure – wherever it is being offered. Be inventive and inspire others, rather than holding yourself back and playing second fiddle. You are now paving the ground for what comes into flowering next spring. End of August mull over a few minor things one more time and structure matters more clearly.


PiscesPisces: August has again more rough edges. Particularly communication is more difficult and misunderstandings are easily triggered. It may sometimes seem endless: constantly new obstacles appear. Be patient and get one after the other out of the way. At the middle of the month situations could polarise. One party reckons to hold a healthy common sense, while the other claims foresight and maturity. The solution is easy: listen to each other!


SitaraSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de>

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